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When Insurance Plays "Hide and Seek": A Doctor's Quest to Get What He Says Is Rightfully His

Written by: Sam Orlando

Roanoke, VA - Remember those days when you'd expect your insurance company to, well, insure you? Dr. Sherrill Worth Stockton III might be reminiscing about just that. The former emergency physician has taken to the courts, painting a vivid picture of a classic game of "hide and seek" with New York Life Insurance Company. Only this time, it's not a childhood game; it's about a serious long-term illness and the benefits that are playing hard to get.

Dr. Stockton, who once graced emergency rooms with his expertise, thought he had his future secured with a disability income insurance policy. Little did he know, he was apparently starring in a mystery movie titled, "Where's My Insurance?" After being diagnosed with a serious long-term illness, our protagonist expected a monthly disability income of $15,000. But, plot twist! New York Life Insurance handed him a check of $12,926.49, calling it a refund of all his premium contributions. Cue the dramatic music.

Now, if Dr. Stockton were a detective, he'd have pointed out the fine print. The insurance can't simply pretend the policy doesn't exist after two years. And there's no signed confession (or document) from Stockton that could justify the company's sudden bout of amnesia. And to thicken our plot, if the company is tardy with their payment, they owe an interest of 9%. It's all in the script - uh, I mean, the policy.

Not just playing the hero of our story, Dr. Stockton is also vying for the title of "Best Supporting Actor" as he's championing for his rightful attorney's fees. He says the insurance company might have missed the memo on 'acting in good faith'. Maybe it got lost with his disability benefits?

But jests aside, this is serious business. Insurance is a promise, a safeguard. And when those expected to provide that security falter, it underscores the need for clarity, honesty, and respect in the industry. And while Dr. Stockton's tale has its quirks, it reminds us all of the sanctity of that promise.

Awaiting the next episode - I mean, court hearing, the audience is on tenterhooks. Will justice prevail? Stay tuned!


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