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Do You Want To Be A Reporter?

Unlock Your Potential. Shape The Narrative.

At Breaking Through News, we believe in the power of diverse voices to shape the discourse and uncover the truths often left untold. We are thrilled to introduce our Freelancer Reporter Program, designed specifically for storytellers like you. Whether you're an emerging journalist, a seasoned reporter, or someone with a compelling story itching to break free, we're offering you a platform to be heard.

Why Collaborate with Breaking Through News?

🔹 Voice & Visibility: Your stories won't just be another drop in the digital ocean. Here, they'll ripple, resonate, and reach audiences eager for fresh perspectives.
🔹 Monetary Rewards: We believe in compensating talent. With a competitive pay-per-story system and bonuses for high-performing content, your effort is valued and rewarded.
🔹 Professional Growth: Access our rich repository of resources. Learn from seasoned editors, leverage top-tier tools, and grow exponentially as a journalist.
🔹 Community & Camaraderie: Become part of a vibrant community. Share insights, discuss ideas, and collaborate with like-minded reporters in our dedicated newsroom space.

Who Are We Looking For?

Dynamic individuals who are:
✏️ Passionate about storytelling.
✏️ Eager to highlight local and national stories often overlooked.
✏️ Committed to the principles of accurate, fair, and transparent journalism.
✏️ Ready to challenge conventions and explore untapped narratives.

How to Get Started?

Applying to our Freelancer Reporter Program is straightforward. Fill out the application form below, detailing your background, areas of interest, and why you want to join the Breaking Through News team! Our team will review submissions and get back to successful applicants with next steps.

Break into the world of impactful journalism. With Breaking Through News, you're not just writing stories; you're crafting your writing career, or enjoying a favorite past time or hobby (and getting paid for it!)


Join us and let's redefine news, together.

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A Free Press Is Not Tame.

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