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Verona's Most Wanted: Augusta County's Four-Legged Escapees!

Written by: Sam Orlando

VERONA, VA - As if things weren’t tense enough following the recent controversy surrounding Augusta County Animal Control practices, Breaking Through has learned of a new incident the Augusta County animal shelter in Verona. Last night, six dogs managed to break free from their enclosures at the already under-scrutiny Augusta County Animal Shelter. As dawn broke, Verona residents were met with the unexpected sight of the escapees living it up in their town.

Renee, a representative from the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center, confirmed the breakout early this morning to neighbors as she searched for the dogs. While four of the rambunctious canines have since been corralled by shelter staff and local volunteers, two dogs—a nimble small breed and a distinctive black and white Collie—are still enjoying their freedom around Verona.

It's worth noting that this isn't just any ordinary escape story. The facility from which these dogs made their daring escape is the same one highlighted in our June report concerning problematic animal control fees and questionable practices regarding the fate of seized animals. That piece brought to light concerns about the capacity and management of the facility.

Given this background, the recent breakout further fuels questions regarding the safety and management protocols at the facility. How could six dogs so easily make a run for it? And, with the shelter’s controversial past, how is the public to trust that these and other animals are given the proper care and security they deserve?

Adding to the drama, eyewitnesses have reported sightings of the two still-at-large canines near the human jail in Verona. Whether they're trying to spring some friends or just enjoying their newfound freedom remains to be seen.

While the majority of Verona residents are taking the situation in stride—some even joking about the dogs' daring sense of adventure—it's yet another black mark on the reputation of the Augusta County Animal Shelter. The shelter, its practices, and its management continue to be a source of concern and debate for many in the community.

In the meantime, local residents are advised to be on the lookout for the two remaining free-spirited dogs. If you happen to spot them, please ensure their safety and contact the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center.

Breaking Through remains committed to keeping you updated on this canine caper and any further developments related to Augusta County's Animal Shelter.

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