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Twist, Turn, and Testify: How a Falls Church Jiu-Jitsu Class Turned Into a Federal Lawsuit

Written by: Sam Orlando

If you ever thought 80s movies were an exaggeration, well, think again. For in a recent twist of events, what seemed like a straightforward martial arts class in Virginia became fodder for the courtroom—and perhaps the next big cinematic sensation.

Meet Jett Liska, our unsuspecting hero, who probably just wanted to learn a fancy move or two. According to the federal complaint, Liska walked into a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu class at the Fighters Garage and/or Krav Works facility in Falls Church, Virginia, one fateful day in 2022. Guided by dreams of being the next Karate Kid, Liska was poised for a transformative experience. And transform he did, but perhaps not in the way he had envisioned.

Andrew Skomra, our professional martial artist, and potentially the villain in this riveting drama (jury's still out on that one), was prepping to guide his next set of Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts. Liska's lawsuit alleges that, being in his first class, he naturally expected some leniency. But life, as he was about to learn, isn't always scripted the way we think.

Despite Liska clarifying—twice—that he was a novice, destiny paired him up with Skomra for a sparring session, the lawsuit states. What followed can only be described as a poorly choreographed action sequence. Liska, unaware of the vital art of submission signaling, found himself deep in a cinematic-style grappling contest, as per the legal documents.

Skomra, perhaps in a burst of method acting, decided to give some impromptu feedback. "You really shouldn’t do that. Watch your slams. Most guys would go really hard on you now. I’m just going to go a little harder," he reportedly said, according to the complaint. Cue the intense music. Because what followed was an "Americana" submission move that left our protagonist quite literally twisted.

But Liska wasn't about to be relegated to a supporting role. No, he took his newfound passion for drama straight to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, as stated in the filed lawsuit. Whether the court will recognize Liska's unexpected turn as a lead actor or Skomra's potential overenthusiastic direction remains to be seen.

So, grab your popcorn and stay tuned. This Virginia martial arts courtroom drama might just be the blockbuster you didn't know you were waiting for.

Breaking Through News reached out to Skomra and Fighter's Corner seeking comment, but as of press time we have not received a response.

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