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  • Ismael Barrios

Trust or Mistrust in Policing in 2023

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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Written by Ismael Barrios

Starting off the new year, trust in the police is at an all time low. Even though some people are more aware of police brutality due to the murder of George Floyd it still continues to be a huge problem in America. Police officers in America are frightening bullies to some, to others trusted and loved ones in the community. With such polarizing times and opinions, it’s easy to see why our country is so divided. In the next few weeks we’ll be covering all perspectives of the police to attempt to give every a better understanding or a different outlook.

The Gallup, (an American analytics and advisory company) states that they measured in 2004 sixty four percent of all United States adults had confidence in the police. since then the percentage has been reported to be roughly low fifties to a high forty percent. As of 2021 the United States is at a fifty one percent, which is still below the 2019 reading that occurred before the murder of George Floyd. It kinda makes one wonder what the other percent of people think. Let alone over the past two decades many events have more then just affected the publics view and opinion on police for every one.

To some there opinion never changed, many have trust in the police and always have. Wether it’s from personal experiences, word of mouth, or the news some never had a reason to view them as any thing other then one who protects and serves. In Some instances people would trust police with there lives with more confidence in them then there own blood family. There are many stories that speak on the police Around the United States saving lives and helping the community every day. Some officers go above and beyond to make sure there departments and community’s feel like family. There are often stories showing grand acts of kindness from officers who actually understand the people that need help.

Yet to others there opinions became worse and or almost assured them of there initial negative views towards the police. Many don’t have trust in the police for the same reasons some might. Due to personal experience, word of mouth or the news too many have seen and or heard the tragedy’s and inhumane acts from police officials. It is said that some wounds don’t heal over time they are even passed down through generations with out the proper acknowledgment . People don’t just forget about how they were treated or made to feel. there are too many people who live in America that have been made feel as less then they should simply based off their race, the language they speak, and or their appearance. Especially in areas with high amount of gentrified. Humans beings are made to feel as if the people who are meant to protect and serve are the people oppressing them in their own homes.

Some have become more aware as to why people have different perspectives, There are many factors that could get you to see from the others point of view. Seeing the the United States divided makes you question why or how it came to be. some might still look at certain perspectives as a nine and some as a six in the end they both could be right. Yet Some won’t accept that there is many different perspectives due to different environments and mindsets they were exposed to. Although some have learned to have more of an open mind over the years, I believe this is only the beginning of what’s in store for the public and the police.

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