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Tracy Pyles Ramps Up Campaign for Commissioner of Revenue Amid Scandalous Revelations About Co Board

Written by: Sam Orlando

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - In a move that intensifies his already-announced bid for Commissioner of Revenue, Tracy Pyles has scheduled a public meeting to discuss taxation and governance issues in Augusta County. This move comes immediately after court statements exposed ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI investigations into potentially criminal conduct by County leaders and the County Sheriff.

Renewed Focus on Tax Fairness

The campaign's meeting, set for September 12, 2023, at 7:00 pm in the Augusta County Government Center Board Room, takes on a newfound urgency. It aims to discuss "what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to bring tax fairness back to the county," against the backdrop of recent scandalous revelations.

A Candidate with Proven Leadership

Pyles, a seasoned veteran in local governance, has served as Chairman on various Augusta County boards and brings a mix of military, corporate, and civic experience to his campaign. His latest call for a public meeting indicates that Pyles aims to position himself as a stabilizing force in a county rocked by controversies.

Addressing Key Issues

The meeting's agenda includes:

  • The devastating impact of inflation, new taxes, and elevated tax rates on family budgets.

  • An examination of violations of the Code of Virginia, which Pyles argues have eroded public trust in the roles of Supervisors and the Commissioner of Revenue.

  • A proposal for a "Flat Tax" system, designed to cut $10 million in "Car Tax" while enhancing resources for essential services like schools, the sheriff's office, and fire and rescue.

A segment of the meeting will also be devoted to public questions, responses, and commentary, providing an open forum for community members.

A Campaign Reinvigorated in Tumultuous Times

With this newly announced meeting, Pyles seeks not just to advance his campaign but also to restore public faith in the institutions that have come under scrutiny. Whether his campaign can serve as a catalyst for positive change amid ongoing investigations into county leadership is yet to be determined.

Pyle's announcement indicates his public meeting will take place on September 12, 2023, in the Augusta County Government Center Boardroom at 7PM.

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