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To Protect, Serve, and... Defraud? 17 Broward Deputies Slapped with Federal PPP Fraud Charges

Written by: Sam Orlando

In an astonishing turn of events that left the nation absolutely shocked, 17 of Broward County's finest - you know, the ones sworn to uphold the law - have found themselves on the other side of it. Because apparently, applying for COVID-19 relief fraudulently is the new way of "serving" the community.

Instead of catching bad guys, some of our heroes in uniform allegedly decided to dive headfirst into the tempting world of white-collar crime, according to federal prosecutors. PPP loans, designed to assist struggling businesses during a global pandemic, seemed too irresistible for these guardians of the peace, if you believe federal Court documents!

Among our "distinguished" lineup, with an explanation of their charges based on the federal indictment filed in US District Court:

  1. Alexis Monique Greene: While most of us were adjusting to life indoors and the endless cycle of video calls, Greene was reportedly busy securing not one, but two PPP loans! And, based on the indictment, she might've flubbed a few details on those applications. In an ironic twist, she even sought forgiveness for the loans. Divine forgiveness, maybe, but federal forgiveness? We'll see.

  2. Ritchie Noah Dubuisson: Ah, youth. At the sprightly age of 25, while most of us were just figuring out how to file our own taxes, Dubuisson allegedly got a bit too creative with his PPP loan application. And then, he tried to get that loan forgiven. Well, ambition is key in one's 20s, right?

  3. Keshondra Tameisha Davis: Davis, just like Greene, apparently had a little slip of the memory when mentioning her gross income for 2019. And then, feeling perhaps a touch of guilt, she too sought forgiveness. There's a pattern here, and it's not just about financial amnesia.

  4. Allen Dorvil: Now, Dorvil might've thought he was onto something with this whole PPP loan thing. Unfortunately for him, the feds have a keen sense for these financial fibs. A tip for next time: the IRS usually has a good memory.

  5. Jean Pierre-Toussant: Jean went the classic route, the sole proprietor act. You'd think being the only one involved might make it easier to keep the facts straight. But according to prosecutors, that wasn't the case.

  6. Ancy Morancy: Representing the classically named 'Moore Services Investment Group, LLC', Morancy might have been looking to invest in something other than the truth. With a grand title like that, one might expect a touch more... accuracy?

  7. Marcus Errol Powell: Heading up the fancily-titled 'Bonvivant Industries, LLC', Powell might've been living a bit too bon vivantly. 2020 was a hard year, but apparently, not for Mr. Powell's gross business income, if the indictment holds weight.

  8. Derrick J. Nesbitt: Double the loans, double the fun? Nesbitt seemed to think so. As the proud proprietor of 'Designer Life, LLC', one has to wonder: did he also design those application details?

  9. Keith Dunkley: Here's a twist! Dunkley, representing himself and 'Global Group Alliances, LLC', was charged with conspiracy. Apparently, the world of alleged fraud is best shared with friends.

  10. George Anthony III: Anthony, like some others, might've thought the second time's the charm. After one PPP loan, he reportedly went back for seconds. But sometimes, the buffet line just isn't worth it.

Apparently, the art of providing misleading details about income, loan purposes, and even faking IRS tax forms is not just reserved for the financial elite. Who knew our boys and girls in blue had such diverse skill sets?

If convicted, these enterprising individuals could be looking at a 20-year stint behind bars, according to federal prosecutors.

On a side note, there's this tiny little initiative called the COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement Task Force, which was (surprisingly) designed to combat fraud related to the pandemic. Funny enough, they're doing their job!

For those righteous souls hoping this is just a bad dream, you can pinch yourself, but this is the reality. And remember, until proven guilty, they're still the shining examples of law enforcement we all know and love.

To all our law-abiding citizens: sleep tight knowing that your local law enforcement is innovatively interpreting their motto of "protect and serve." They are seemingly safeguarding you from benefits designed for your aid, while allegedly pocketing millions, courtesy of the federal dollar, prosecutors contend.


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