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Time is Running Out: Trump and Co-Defendants' Deadline to Surrender Nears

Written by: Sam Orlando

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — In an unprecedented legal case capturing national attention, former President Donald J. Trump and 18 co-defendants were given until Friday of this week to turn themselves in to Fulton County authorities, facing a raft of felony charges related to alleged election interference in Georgia.

Trump Breaks New Ground

At the epicenter of the Fulton County's election interference probe is former President Donald J. Trump, who has been indicted three times previously but is appearing for the first time at a jail to answer charges. Trump is facing 13 felony counts, including violations of the Georgia RICO Act and multiple counts of conspiracy, among others. If a mugshot is taken during his surrender, which the Fulton County Sheriff indicated would be the case, it will be a historic first for a former or sitting U.S. president.

High-Profile Allies

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and one of Trump's legal advisors, faces an identical number of felony charges as Trump. Giuliani was booked at Fulton County jail on Wednesday afternoon, with a bond set at $150,000.

John Eastman, another lawyer and Trump advisor, is facing nine felony counts. His bond was set at $100,000, and his legal team has confirmed that he plans to go to trial, ruling out a plea deal.

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is charged with two felonies. Meadows has petitioned a federal court to dismiss his charges, claiming that his actions were within the scope of his federal duties.

The Broader Network

The indictment also includes several lesser-known but key figures. Kenneth Chesebro, an attorney accused of crafting the “fake electors scheme,” faces seven felony counts. Jeffrey Clark, a former assistant attorney general, faces two felonies and has requested a federal court transfer, claiming he was a federal employee during the alleged activities.

Former Trump campaign official Mike Roman and David Shafer, the former chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, also face multiple felony charges. They were each part of the scheme to put forth "fake electors."

Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and other Trump allies are facing various felony counts ranging from RICO Act violations to conspiracy to commit election fraud.

Local Players

Ray Smith, an Atlanta-based attorney, and Robert Cheeley, a partner at the Georgia-based Cheeley Law Group, face 12 and 10 felony counts, respectively. They are accused of giving false testimony and disseminating misinformation.

Legislative Ties

Shawn Still, a current Georgia state Senator, is among the defendants and faces seven felony charges. His indictment further underscores the scope of the investigation into potential election interference in Georgia.

Unfolding Drama

As the legal proceedings unfold, the high-profile nature of the defendants and the gravity of the charges are expected to make this one of the most closely watched court cases in American history. The ramifications of the case could have significant implications for the future of American electoral integrity and could set important legal precedents.

The story is developing, and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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