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The Curious Case of the Omitted DuPont ATM in Sheriff's Robbery Report

Written by: Sam Orlando

FISHERSVILLE, VIRGINIA - The rapid response to the recent ATM robbery in Fishersville showcased commendable law enforcement action. But while the Augusta County Sheriff's Office's report was detailed, did it tell the entire story?

A Vague Description Amidst a History of Transparency in Robbery Reports

In an initial release, the robbery was generically described as occurring at a "nearby ATM." While the release didn't specify what the ATM was 'nearby', one could assume it meant nearby to Fishersville. Yet, when Breaking Through News delved deeper, an internal law enforcement source pinpointed the scene as the DuPont Community Credit Union ATM in Fishersville.

The exclusion of this particular detail sparks curiosity, especially given the Sheriff's consistent history of explicitly naming robbery locations over the past four years.

Patterns in Communication: Previous Robberies Openly Identified

A thorough analysis of the Sheriff's Facebook page, where all press releases are posted, underlines a telling pattern. In all previously reported robberies, specific locations were transparently provided. Here are a few examples:

  • The IGA in Craigsville, robbed on October 21, 2019? Identified.

  • United Bank, experiencing a robbery on February 17, 2022? Clearly named.

  • The Country Store in Lyndhurst, site of a March 28, 2021 robbery? Distinctly pinpointed.

  • The Holiday Inn in Verona, falling prey on January 3, 2018? Explicitly mentioned.

It's evident: there were ZERO instances where the Sheriff's reports omitted the name of a business involved in a robbery. So, why the anomaly now?

Beneath the Surface: A Potential Financial Connection?

Our investigation unearthed a potential connection between the Sheriff's Office and the DuPont Community Credit Union. Our source told us that this relationship played a role in the decision to omit the bank's name from official communications.

Public records further corroborate these details. Sheriff Donald Smith's re-election campaign actively banks with the very institution under the lens, DuPont Community Credit Union. While the choice of a bank may typically remain under the radar, its potential influence on official narratives demands scrutiny.

Lt. Leslie Snyder, the Public Information Officer for the Sheriff's Office, has not yet responded to Breaking Through's request for more information about this connection, and why Dupont wasn't identified in the Sheriff's release. Thus far we've received no clarification on why DuPont's name was conspicuously missing from the official account, but when we hear back we will update this story with the Sheriff's response.

Unearthing the Truth: Our Commitment

We, at Breaking Through News, stand dedicated to unmasking the whole truth. The evident deviation from the norm in official communications, combined with a potential financial connection between the Sheriff and the bank where the robbery occurred, necessitates further probing.

We will continue our pursuit of transparency, ensuring the community remains informed. Potential conflicts of interest must never jeopardize public trust.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this unfolding narrative, committed to bringing every shadowed detail to light. The people of Augusta County don't just seek transparency from their government leaders; they demand it. As we uncover facts, we will bring them to you.

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