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Targeted Witness: Breaking Through Probes Alleged Witness Tampering by Augusta Sheriff

Written by Bonnie Chapman and Ismael Barrios

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - The tranquility of Augusta County's scenic Shenandoah Valley is once again disrupted, not by nature, but by a growing scandal involving alleged police corruption and harassment. Breaking Through News, having recently highlighted a series of alarming allegations against the local sheriff's office, now uncovers a distressing account of probation misconduct, potentially adding another layer to the county's troubled law enforcement narrative.

Recent Incident of Probation Misconduct

Just hours after her release from jail on the night of January 9th, Felicia Knight faced a demanding situation at the Augusta County probation office. Knight, in an interview with Breaking Through News, stated that the following morning after her release, she was required to appear for a drug test that was administered by an individual she did not recognize. Despite her steadfast claims of sobriety, the outcome initially relayed to her by her probation officer was alarming: a positive test for methamphetamine.

Questionable Drug Testing and Breaking Through's Investigation

Knight says this unexpected result plunged her into a state of distress. In her search for support and clarity, she reached out to Breaking Through News reporter Bonnie Chapman. Chapman, responding to the urgency of the situation, conducted an independent drug test on Knight. Contrary to the probation office's claim, this test came back negative for methamphetamine.

Chapman promptly attempted to contact Knight's probation officer for clarification and comment, but her calls went unanswered. However, in a turn of events that raises significant questions, the probation officer contacted Knight shortly after Chapman's intervention, reversing the initial claim and confirming that the drug test was, in fact, negative.

This series of events, from the sudden demand for a drug test to the mysterious reversal of its results, casts a shadow of doubt over the probation process in Augusta County. It not only highlights potential inconsistencies and lack of transparency but also suggests a scenario where Knight's well-being and future were precariously balanced on a miscommunication, or worse, intentional misinformation. This discrepancy, occurring within a probation system meant to rehabilitate and monitor, instead hints at a pattern of intimidation and corruption.

Connection to Deputy Assault Case: A Link to Witness Intimidation?

Amidst these troubling developments lies a critical connection: Felicia Knight's boyfriend played a pivotal role as a witness in a recent high-profile case against an Augusta County deputy. Recall the video of a deputy attacking a man at a storage facility in Verona? Knight's boyfriend, Clinedinst, who recorded this video, is now the reason the Augusta County Sheriff's office faces these consequences. He captured footage of the deputy allegedly assaulting an individual, which has since become a crucial piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation. Now, he claims he and his girlfriend are under attack, in an effort to silence him.

This connection raises the specter of witness intimidation, suggesting that the probation discrepancies Knight faced may not be an isolated incident, but part of a broader pattern of retribution. Such actions, if proven, not only compromise the integrity of the criminal justice system but also threaten the fundamental principles of fairness and justice.

The potential linkage between Knight's probation ordeal and her boyfriend's role as a witness underscores the need for an in-depth investigation into the practices of the Augusta County Sheriff's Office and related agencies. It poses serious questions about the treatment of those connected to individuals who challenge or expose alleged misconduct within law enforcement.

Context: A Decade of Controversy in Augusta County Law Enforcement

The revelation surrounding Knight's case does not exist in isolation. Under Sheriff Donald Smith's tenure, the Augusta County Sheriff's Office has been mired in controversy, ranging from excessive force allegations to connections with convicted criminals. The recent assault charges against Deputy CJ Taylor and Sgt. William Mikolay's arrest are but the latest in a decade-long series of troubling incidents.

Board Chair's Controversial Stance and Public Distrust

Adding to the public's concern, Board Chair Michael Shull's recent statements, seemingly endorsing the accused deputies' actions, further erode trust in local law enforcement. His comparison of childhood physical discipline to police violence, particularly following Sgt. Mikolay's curb stomping allegations, has been met with backlash and alarm.

Urgent Need for Accountability and Upcoming Court Proceedings

As Felicia Knight faces court tomorrow, concerns loom over the representation of her probation drug test. Breaking Through News' Bonnie Chapman plans to authenticate the independent test results in court, ensuring transparency and accountability. Meanwhile, another reporter will cover the hearing, providing comprehensive coverage of this critical event.

Conclusion: A Community in Need of Change

The legacy of Sheriff Donald Smith's tenure and the emerging probation scandal underscore the urgent need for systemic reform in Augusta County's law enforcement. Only through sustained efforts towards transparency, accountability, and ethical practices can trust be restored between the community and those sworn to protect it.

Breaking Through News remains committed to uncovering the truth and ensuring justice in Augusta County. For the latest developments in this case and more, follow Breaking Through News on the Newsbreak app or visit our website at


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