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Social Media Investigator's Claims Against SAPD Spark Controversy

Written by: Sam Orlando

San Antonio, TX - The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) finds itself at the center of controversy following allegations by internet personality Michael McWhorter, known online as @TizzyEnt, of investigative misconduct. McWhorter's viral social media campaign accuses SAPD of hindering an assault case, alleging protection of a suspect reportedly related to a long-serving SAPD officer.

McWhorter's online posts, which have garnered significant attention with over 300,000 views, suggest that SAPD deliberately slowed down their investigation into an incident that occurred at Olmos Basin Park. According to the allegations, a local woman claimed she was physically assaulted by a man after she criticized his treatment of a dog. The altercation reportedly escalated, with the suspect threatening the woman with his vehicle.

These accusations prompted a direct response from SAPD Chief William McManus, who refuted the claims via social media. Chief McManus emphasized that the investigation into the park incident was completed and the case was handed over to the Bexar County District Attorney's Office in December 2023 for potential charges.

The DA's office confirmed receipt of the case, indicating an ongoing review for possible prosecution. While the identity of the suspect remains undisclosed pending indictment, SAPD officials confirmed the recommendation of misdemeanor assault charges.

The basis of McWhorter's allegations originated from a police report, detailing the May 2023 incident. The report alleges that the suspect struck the woman and then menacingly drove his car towards her. McWhorter, who has a substantial following on social media, was contacted by the victim in November in hopes of leveraging his online community to identify the suspect. According to McWhorter, a San Antonio viewer eventually identified the individual, a detail he relayed to the victim.

In a recent video, McWhorter further accused an SAPD detective of deliberately impeding the investigation. He claimed the detective initially dismissed the victim's identification of the suspect and stated an arrest could not be made without the suspect's vehicle license plate number.

McWhorter's assertion that the detective's actions were influenced by the suspect's familial connection to a veteran SAPD officer has not been corroborated. SAPD Public Information Officer Nicholas Soliz acknowledged awareness of the allegations but refrained from commenting directly on them.

This incident raises questions about the intersection of social media and law enforcement investigations, as well as the role of public perception in ongoing legal matters. The story is still unfolding, and further developments are expected.

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