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Silence Then Alarm: Augusta County Sheriff's Late Alert on Pharmacy Burglary Raises Eyebrows

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

STUARTS DRAFT, VIRGINIA - A recent burglary at Stuarts Draft Family Pharmacy has sparked a new wave of controversy for the already embattled Augusta County Sheriff's Office, led by Sheriff Donald L. Smith. The incident, which occurred on November 20, 2023, was only made public by the Sheriff's Office 11 days later, raising questions about the department's operational transparency.

The Delayed Response

On November 20, the pharmacy located at 2929 Stuarts Draft Hwy in Stuarts Draft was burglarized at around 5:00 AM. Details of the burglary, including the number of suspects involved, remain unclear. The Sheriff's Office's recent press release and Facebook post calling for public assistance have been met with criticism from the community, highlighting the delay in releasing the information.

Community Reactions

Residents, expressing their concerns on the Sheriff's Facebook page, questioned the rationale behind the delayed request for public assistance. Community members like Amee Shawna and Eddie Bryan pointed out the counterintuitive nature of waiting over ten days to inform the public, suggesting that immediate disclosure could have led to quicker leads or even recovery of stolen items, if any. Responses also indicated frustration about the lack of surveillance camera images from the crime scene.

A Department in Crisis

This latest incident adds to the growing mistrust of the Augusta County Sheriff's Office. The department is currently grappling with the fallout from two deputies being charged with violent crimes, alongside swirling suspicions surrounding Sheriff Smith himself. Critics argue that such delayed responses in critical situations like the pharmacy burglary only exacerbate the trust issues plaguing the department.

The Implications

The late request for public assistance in the pharmacy burglary case reflects a pattern of delayed communication and questionable decision-making within the Sheriff's Office. Residents like Ronnie Hurt voiced concerns about potentially dangerous drugs entering the street due to the department's slow response. Such sentiments echo the broader distrust in the Sheriff's ability to effectively manage his department amid ongoing controversies.


The Augusta County Sheriff's Office finds itself at a crossroads. With mounting pressure from the community for greater transparency and accountability, especially in light of recent charges against deputies and suspicions about the Sheriff, the department must address these concerns head-on. How Sheriff Smith and his office respond in the coming days could be pivotal in restoring or further eroding public trust in local law enforcement.

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