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Sheriff Smith's Road to Redemption, LLC: Unraveling a Web of Power and Deceit

Sheriff Donald Smith and Felix Chujoy

Written by: Bonnie Chapman and Sam Orlando

For Sheriff Smith, All Roads Seem to Lead to Redemption (LLC)

In the serene backdrop of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, a storm has been brewing, not of nature, but of controversy and scandal, deeply entrenching Augusta County in a narrative that seems more akin to a political thriller than the daily dispatches of rural law enforcement. At the heart of this storm is Sheriff Donald Smith, whose tenure has been marred by a litany of allegations ranging from mishandling evidence to associations with a convicted human trafficker, Felix Chujoy. However, a recent investigation by Breaking Through News has cast a glaring spotlight on a new dimension of this ongoing saga, revealing unsettling details about a shadowy entity known as Redemption LLC and its intricate ties to the embattled sheriff.

The Sheriff and His Controversial Ally

The story begins with Sheriff Donald Smith, a figure who, over the years, has become synonymous with controversy in Augusta County. Our investigation revisits the unsettling alliance between Sheriff Smith and Felix Chujoy, a relationship that persisted even as Chujoy faced federal human trafficking charges and allegations of child sex solicitation. The specter of Chujoy's case dismissal, under puzzling circumstances and with a cryptic ruling by a judge who was the prosecutor at the time, sets the stage for a narrative rife with questions and demands for clarity.

Betraying the Badge: The Recent Scandal

In a harrowing turn of events, the county reeled from a shocking video capturing Deputy Andrew Simonetti's use of force, filmed by Bobby Clinedinst. The aftermath saw Clinedinst and his significant other, Felicia Knights, allegedly becoming targets of what appears to be a retaliatory campaign by the sheriff's office. Knights, stranded and mistreated, symbolizes the tragic human cost of this saga, a story of desperation and alleged misuse of power that has shaken the community to its core. Clinedinst, who recorded the assault by the deputy, previously worked as a delivery driver for... none other than Redemption, LLC.

Redemption LLC: The Intersection of Power and Suspicion

At the intersection of power, business, and law enforcement lies Redemption LLC, a company owned by none other than Felix Chujoy. Our investigation uncovered disturbing allegations that the sheriff's truck, a vehicle mired in its own controversy after it was stolen by the Sheriff's brother, was used for business operations of Redemption LLC. Furthermore, Chujoy's unorthodox international travels, purportedly conducted with 'verbal approval' despite his probation status, raise grave concerns about the enforcement and oversight of judicial stipulations, painting a picture of a system seemingly skewed by personal affiliations and power dynamics.

A Deeper Dive into DOC Correspondence, Unraveling a Tangle of Inconsistencies

In a pivotal twist of our investigation, Breaking Through News meticulously analyzed the correspondence between our news team and the Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC), revealing a perplexing narrative that unfolds in the shadows of bureaucracy. Initially, the responses from an unidentified DOC representative hinted at a dismissive, almost protective stance towards Felix Chujoy, subtly echoing the echoes of favoritism that have long characterized Chujoy's engagements with law enforcement. The initial communications skirted around the pressing questions of Chujoy's international travels, offering broad strokes of policy without delving into the specifics of Chujoy's situation.

Emai from DOC about Felix Chujoy

However, the tide turned dramatically when presented with irrefutable evidence—geo-located images of Chujoy overseas, in locations as controversial and disparate as the DMZ of Korea and the urban sprawls of Brazil. This evidence, laid bare, seemed to pierce through the bureaucratic veil, prompting a shift in the DOC's tone and approach. What followed was a sudden referral of the matter for investigation, a move that, while welcome, raises its own set of questions. Why did it take tangible, undeniable evidence to prompt action? And what does this delayed response tell us about the system's readiness to confront uncomfortable truths, especially when they involve individuals with influential connections?

Email to DOC about Felix Chujoy international travel

email from DOC confirming investigation re chujoy

Connecting the Dots: Sheriff Smith's Involvement

Through meticulous investigation, Breaking Through News has connected the dots between Sheriff Smith, Chujoy, and Redemption LLC, uncovering a tapestry of events and decisions that betray a troubling pattern of behavior and decision-making. From the alleged misuse of official resources to the perplexing leniency shown towards Chujoy's international escapades, the narrative that unfolds is one of power wielded without accountability and relationships influencing judicial and law enforcement processes.

Community Repercussions and the Call for Justice

As the community grapples with the revelations of this investigation, the call for transparency, accountability, and justice grows ever louder. The implications of these findings extend far beyond the individuals involved, touching upon the very trust between the community and those sworn to protect it. In the face of such unsettling revelations, the citizens of Augusta County demand answers and actions that restore integrity and ensure that the law stands as a guardian for all, untainted by personal alliances or power plays.

Investigation Continues

The investigation by Breaking Through News into the tangled web woven by Sheriff Donald Smith and his associates opens more questions than it answers, casting a long shadow over the landscape of Augusta County's law enforcement. As we continue to uncover the layers of this complex narrative, our commitment to upholding the principles of journalism and our dedication to the community remains unwavering. The story of "Shadows Over Shenandoah" is far from over, and we stand resolute in our quest to ensure that light prevails over the shadows, bringing clarity, justice, and reform to the valley we call home.


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