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Scam Alert: Impersonators Pose as Augusta County Deputies - But Sheriff Says Just Ignore It!

Written by: Sam Orlando

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA — The Augusta County Sheriff's Office is certainly keeping things interesting. In a curious turn of events, residents are being informed about a new scam where fraudsters, in a bold act of audacity, are impersonating local deputies. But here's the twist: apparently, all you need to do if you get one of these calls is... hang up and block the number. No need to report it, document it, or assist in any potential investigations.

Sheriff Donald L. Smith, in a recent social media post, shared that these cunning con artists are posing as Deputy Gary Taylor or Corporal Derek Almarode. They're dialing unsuspecting citizens, claiming they've missed a court appearance, and then demand swift payments via Apple Pay or those handy MoneyPak cards. For that extra touch of authenticity, they even namedrop actual local judges, such as "Judge Dryer." Quite the intricate setup for a scam that you're just supposed to ignore, right?

Of course, Sheriff Smith made sure to clarify one thing loud and clear: "The ACSO will NEVER call anyone and demand money to be paid- PERIOD!!" Which is reassuring, but one might also expect an addendum like, "And please help us catch these scammers by reporting such calls." Alas, it seems the preferred approach is to hang up, block the number, and perhaps tell your cat about it if you're feeling particularly chatty.

Residents are left to wonder: if someone is boldly impersonating law enforcement officers, shouldn't we be a tad more proactive about it? But, as things stand, do hang up on these would-be impersonators and then... go about your day? Enjoy a cup of coffee, perhaps?

In the midst of this baffling guidance, a word of advice to Augusta County residents: always be wary of unsolicited calls, especially if they're asking for money. And if the Sheriff won't take your report, you can always call the Virginia State Police. Breaking Through News will bring you more information on this scam as it becomes available.


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