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Pennsylvania Police: Man in Scream Costume Brutally Murders Neighbor

Written by: Sam Orlando

CARBON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA - In a chilling incident that seems straight out of a horror movie, a Pennsylvania man donning a costume reminiscent of the iconic "Scream" character has been accused of the brutal murder of his next-door neighbor using a knife and a chainsaw. The gruesome attack occurred in the peaceful borough of Lehighton, Carbon County, shaking the local community to its core.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, authorities were dispatched to the scene of the crime on Monday after receiving reports of an assault in progress. Upon arrival, officers discovered 59-year-old Edward Whitehead Jr. with life-threatening injuries inflicted by a piercing object. Despite being rushed to a local hospital, Whitehead succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Zak Russel Moyer, was apprehended shortly after the incident. Reports from Lehigh Valley Live, citing court records, reveal that Moyer had premeditated the attack with the intention of terrifying his neighbor. Armed with a knife and a small battery-powered chainsaw, and disguised in a mask and black costume echoing the "Scream" movie character, Moyer admitted to police that he had fatally stabbed Whitehead in the head before striking him with the chainsaw.

Disturbingly, Moyer had confided in his sister approximately a week prior to the murder, expressing his desire to kill Whitehead. This premeditated aspect of the crime adds a layer of horror to an already unthinkable act.

Currently, Moyer faces a homicide charge and has been detained at the Carbon County Prison without bail. His preliminary hearing is set for April 3, as the community and the victim's family await justice for this nightmarish crime.

The motive behind the attack remains under investigation, leaving residents and the wider public grappling with the reality of violence that mirrors the darkest of cinematic tales. This tragic event underscores the unpredictable nature of human behavior and the profound impact of real-life horrors on small communities.

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