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Off-Duty Officer's Early Morning DWI Arrest Leads to Paid 'Time-Off'

Written by: Sam Orlando

MESQUITE, Texas — In a twist of fate that seems more suited to a TV drama than the streets of Mesquite, an off-duty Rowlett police officer, David Herrera, found himself on the wrong side of the law early Sunday morning. The officer was arrested on suspicion of DWI following a traffic accident that left an electric pole down and the local community buzzing with disbelief.

It seems Officer Herrera decided to take a gamble with a stop sign at the corner of Carmack Street and Main Street around 5 a.m., a bet that didn't quite pay off. Instead of cruising through unscathed, his vehicle collided with another, sending both to a rendezvous with an unsuspecting electric pole. The aftermath? A scene straight out of an action movie, minus the dramatic background score.

Both drivers were rushed to the hospital, with Herrera getting a quick patch-up before being handed his arrest warrant for the DWI. The condition of the other driver remains a mystery, adding another layer of intrigue to the incident.

Herrera, a fresh face in the Rowlett Police Department since August 2022, is now on a compulsory 'vacation', courtesy of a paid administrative leave, as the department investigates the incident. While Herrera might be off the streets for now, the community can't help but raise a collective eyebrow at the unfolding of events and the 'reward' that followed.

What's the takeaway? Perhaps a reminder that those charged with upholding the law are not immune to its reach. Or maybe it's a nod to the curious ways of bureaucratic logic that turns a morning mishap into an impromptu paid holiday. Either way, the streets of Mesquite have had their share of drama, and the curtain has yet to fall on Officer Herrera's early morning escapade.

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