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Not Guilty: Hampton Lamar Smith Acquitted in Augusta County Rape Trial

Written by: Sam Orlando

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA – In a significant legal victory, Hampton Lamar Smith was acquitted of all charges in a rape trial held Wednesday and Thursday of this week in Augusta County.

Background of the Case

The trial stemmed from an indictment dating back to July 22, 2021, in Augusta County, Virginia. Smith was accused of engaging in non-consensual sexual intercourse and sodomy with a female identified as Megan Regi by Court records, with the prosecution alleging that the act was accomplished against the victim's will, by force, threat, or intimidation, in violation of Virginia Code. Smith had been accused of picking up a woman who was walking along Rt. 250 in Fishersville, and prosecutors alleged that he had raped her.

The jury, after hearing all of the evidence from the prosecution and the defense, disagreed with the prosecution and found that the case was not proven. The jury issued a verdict of Not Guilty to all charges.

Charges and Trial

Smith faced serious charges, including rape by force or threat and sodomy where the victim was rendered helpless or was forced. The charges were brought to trial, held on December 6-7, 2023, before a jury in the Circuit Court of Augusta County.

Not Guilty Verdict

The trial was scheduled to last through Friday, but the jury quickly dispatched of the case and returned a verdict of Not Guilty. This verdict indicates that the prosecution was unable to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury members.

Impact of the Verdict

The acquittal brings closure to a case that has drawn attention in the community, highlighting the complexities involved in legal proceedings related to serious criminal allegations such as rape and forcible sodomy. It also closes a difficult chapter in the life of Smith, who though he was found Not Guilty has spent the time before his trial incarcerated without bond.

Looking Forward

As the community reflects on this case, the verdict serves as a reminder of the critical role of the judicial process in determining guilt or innocence in complex criminal cases. The trial's outcome underscores the importance of a thorough legal examination and the principle of 'innocent until proven guilty.'

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