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Federal Lawsuit Alleges Violation of Inmate's Civil Rights in Patrick County Jail

Written by: Sam Orlando

PATRICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA — A civil lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia on April 22, 2024, is raising serious allegations of civil rights violations at Patrick County Jail. The plaintiff, Seth D. Palmer, an inmate at the facility, claims his federal rights were breached by several deputies of the Patrick County Sheriff's office, under distressing circumstances surrounding his medical needs and incarceration.

According to the lawsuit documents, the claims stem from two primary incidents. The first incident, as noted by Palmer, occurred in January, before his arrest, when he was involved in an accident that resulted in a broken femur. After this severe injury, Palmer was charged with a probation violation, but states in his complaint that he was not immediately arrested.

The situation escalated on April 1st, when Palmer, still suffering from his untreated injury, was pulled over and subsequently arrested. The complaint vividly describes how Deputy Kenny allegedly forced Palmer to walk approximately 40 feet to his patrol car without the aid of crutches, despite being informed of Palmer's broken femur.

Further complications arose when Palmer was transferred to general population in the jail. His lawsuit contends that he was initially provided with a crutch in segregation but was later denied this essential aid after being moved. He recounts multiple pleas for his crutch due to severe pain and mobility issues, which he claims were largely ignored. A brief respite on April 7th saw Deputy Celozzi bringing Palmer his crutch, but this relief was short-lived as Deputy Strother reportedly took it away again on April 15th.

Palmer's legal action details ongoing suffering and accuses the deputies of punishing him for being injured. The distress articulated in the complaint paints a grim picture of neglect and potential abuse of authority by law enforcement personnel tasked with the care of inmates.

The plaintiff is seeking damages for pain and suffering and has suggested reprimands for the officers involved. Palmer has also affirmed his preference for a jury trial should the case proceed to that stage.

This lawsuit underscores ongoing concerns about the treatment of inmates, particularly those with medical conditions, and highlights the critical need for adherence to civil rights standards within correctional facilities. The court has yet to respond to the allegations, and the Patrick County Sheriff's office has not released any statements regarding the matter.

More details will be provided as this story develops.


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