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New Lawsuit Alleges King William County Fired its African American Superintendent for Supporting BLM

RICHMOND, Va. - David O. White, the former Superintendent of King William County Public Schools (KWCPS), has filed a lawsuit against the King William County School Board, alleging racial discrimination and retaliation. The case has been filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Dr. White, who served as the Superintendent for over six years, alleges that he was wrongfully terminated midway through his contract in retaliation for raising concerns about racial discrimination. The lawsuit details a series of events over the years, which, according to Dr. White, demonstrate the racial discrimination he faced.

Significant points from the lawsuit include:

  • Dr. White was the first African American Superintendent in the history of KWCPS.

  • Despite receiving "Proficient" ratings throughout his tenure, Dr. White claims that he was discriminated against after expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

  • The lawsuit alleges that after Dr. White publicly supported the BLM movement, he faced significant backlash from certain community members, and some School Board members resisted anti-racial injustice resolutions.

  • The lawsuit further details a series of personnel decisions, which Dr. White believes were influenced by racial prejudices.

  • The suit notably highlights an incident involving the hiring process for an Assistant Principal (AP) position, alleging racial bias in the process and involvement by some board members.

  • The termination of Dr. White's employment came on the very day an investigator notified him of the completion of a probe into his claims of racial discrimination.

Paul M. Falabella, representing Dr. White, states that his client has suffered damages including "mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of income, litigation expenses, and other injuries" as a result of the alleged actions of the School Board.

The King William County School Board has yet to issue a formal statement regarding the lawsuit. However, this case brings to light the ongoing nationwide debate surrounding racial discrimination in educational institutions and the role of School Boards in addressing these issues.

The case is David O. White v. King William County School Board, Case No. 3:23-cv-623 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. A jury trial has been demanded.

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