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Nelson Sheriff David Hill Under Brady Investigation for Lying in a Juvenile Assault Investigation

Written by: Sam Orlando

LOVINGSTON, VA — A series of legal dominoes are falling in Nelson County this week, putting not just Sheriff David Hill but the integrity of the county's entire law enforcement system into question. A newly disclosed letter from the Commonwealth's Attorney, obtained by Breaking Through News through a freedom of information act request, reveals an investigation into Sheriff Hill's credibility as a witness, which could have far-reaching consequences for the Sheriff's Office and criminal justice in Nelson County.

Context: A History of Protest and Concern

This latest revelation follows a year of public concern about the sheriff's conduct. Last August, students at Nelson County High School staged a walkout in protest after a widely-circulated video showed Hill and a deputy throwing a 15-year-old student, identified by his mother as Tilor, to the ground. The incident incited widespread community outrage and led to an investigation by the Virginia State Police's Bureau of Criminal Investigation Division.

Amber Harper, the mother of Tilor, was among the concerned parents present at student-led protests last year. She appreciated the students "speaking up, having a voice even though they've been intimidated."

The Turning Point: "Brady Material" and its Impact

While Special Prosecutor Scott C. Hook recently cleared Sheriff Hill and the student, Tilor, of assault allegations, his correspondence to the Commonwealth's Attorney dropped a bombshell. Hook expressed concerns about "several concerning statements" made by Sheriff Hill that could potentially qualify as "Brady Material"—a term referring to evidence that could impeach a witness’s credibility.

Given that Hill is not just any officer, but the sheriff overseeing all deputies in Nelson County, the Brady Material issue gains an extraordinary layer of complexity and importance.

What Does This Mean for Sheriff Hill and Nelson County?

If the Commonwealth’s Attorney determines that Hill is a "Brady Officer," his ability to testify in any criminal case would be compromised, which could, in turn, call into question the credibility of any deputy under his command. The impact of such a designation would be far-reaching; every criminal case involving Hill or his deputies could be subject to review, leading to potential appeals and challenging ongoing prosecutions.

"Definitely one of our missions is to make sure that the people who did this to Tilor, they’re either fired or in jail," said Saniya Allen, a student who participated in the protests last year. This statement gains renewed relevance as questions loom over Hill's future.

The Future of Law Enforcement in Nelson County

The investigation casts a serious pall over Sheriff Hill's future and raises questions about his ability to lead. If Hill is determined to be unreliable as a witness, can he continue to serve effectively as Sheriff? The ramifications extend beyond Hill to the credibility of the entire Sheriff’s Office and the justice system in Nelson County.

A Community on the Edge

As Nelson County residents and legal experts alike await further developments, what’s clear is that the coming weeks could bring unprecedented challenges and perhaps reforms to local law enforcement.

The ongoing saga is far from its conclusion, but the implications are monumental. Sheriff Hill's credibility investigation could not only affect his career but could also shake the foundation of law enforcement and criminal justice in Nelson County. Stay tuned to Breaking Through News as we continue to follow this breaking story.

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