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Milwaukee Officer Charged with Child Abuse, Accused of Strangling Young Relative

Written by: Sam Orlando

Police Officer Charged for Felony Child Abuse

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - A Milwaukee police officer faces serious allegations and felony charges after being accused of physically abusing and choking a 7-year-old girl. Frank Williams, a 30-year-old officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, is charged with felony physical abuse of a child and strangulation and suffocation, as per the criminal complaint and reports from local media.

Arrest Confirmed

The Milwaukee Police Department confirmed the arrest of an officer in connection with a child abuse case and announced the officer's full suspension. The victim, identified as a relative of Williams, was found with multiple injuries, though her current condition has not been disclosed.

"He Squished My Neck"

Details from the criminal complaint paint a harrowing picture of the alleged abuse. Sergeant Zachery Thoms of the MPD responded to a distressing call at the Children's Wisconsin hospital in Milwaukee, where he encountered the young victim. The girl reportedly had seven to eight bruises on her thigh and additional bruising on her arm.

In a heart-wrenching account to Sergeant Thoms, the girl recounted the events, saying Williams had beaten her with a thick belt for not taking a nap and subsequently choked her, expressing fear and stating, "He squished my neck," and indicating her inability to breathe during the incident. She described a terrifying struggle, attempting to escape the ordeal by running into the hallway.

Not the Only Victim

The child also recounted that a woman and another young child, a 4-year-old boy, witnessed the encounter. Disturbingly, she reported that after assaulting her, Williams then turned his aggression towards the young boy, who was heard crying.

Formal Charges Filed

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office has filed formal charges against Williams, who was released from custody Saturday morning. It remains unclear how the young girl arrived at the hospital or the extent of any injuries to the 4-year-old boy mentioned in her account. The identity of the woman present during the incident, as mentioned in the criminal complaint, has not been disclosed.

Williams, who joined the MPD as a recruit in 2016, now faces the legal consequences of his actions. The case has sent shockwaves through the community, bringing to light disturbing allegations against an individual sworn to protect and serve. As the investigation continues, the Milwaukee Police Department, the community, and the legal system are confronted with the grave task of seeking justice and safeguarding the well-being of the youngest and most vulnerable.

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