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McGuffin Rallies Augusta Parents in Firey Live Stream Criticizing Supervisors & School Board Members

Written by: Sam Orlando

Civil Rights Leader Urges "Immediate and collective action"

Augusta County, VA – In a fervent live stream that has since gone viral, community activist Chanda McGuffin delivered a powerful message to Augusta County parents, urging them to take immediate and collective action in response to a recent incident at a local school.

McGuffin’s broadcast came as a reaction to reports of a teacher allegedly kicking a student, an event that McGuffin claims was poorly handled by the school administration and local authorities. Her fiery rhetoric highlighted the lack of communication to parents and the community, and she called for transparency and accountability from the school district and law enforcement agencies.

Students Kicked in Head by Teacher? Nothing to See Here

The activist’s passionate plea was clear: "Y'all reach out to me please. Y'all need to talk. Y'all need to organize," she implored parents, signaling her readiness to help a charge for change. McGuffin's message was not just a call to action but a scathing criticism of the systemic issues she sees as pervasive in Augusta County, from the lack of body cameras for law enforcement to nepotism and lack of accountability in local government.

She did not hold back her disdain for the response—or lack thereof—to the reported incident, stating emphatically that the school would have been shut down had it been under her control. "No sir, no, no, no. You can shut the school down over Arabic writing, you damn sure should have shut that school down for the kids getting kicked in the head until you got to the bottom of that thing," McGuffin asserted.

McGuffin questioned the integrity of the legal process, bringing attention to the absence of a mugshot for the teacher accused of misconduct. This omission, according to McGuffin, is indicative of a larger problem within the county’s justice system, one she attributes to a 'good old boy network' protecting its own.

"It's Time for Change to Come to Augusta County"

Throughout her message, McGuffin stressed the urgency and importance of community engagement and vigilance, calling for the involvement of local media and legal support to ensure justice and safety for the county's children. "It's time for change to come to Augusta County," she declared, insisting that the recent events should be a rallying cry for parents and residents to stand up against what she perceives as long-standing complacency and corruption.

Chanda McGuffin's rallying cry has resonated with many, as her stream ended with a call for parents to join her in this cause, promising support and advocacy. "We'll make something happen," she assured, "It's time to ring the bell on those that's down there."

As the community reacts to McGuffin's compelling call to action, it remains to be seen how Augusta County officials will respond to the rising demand for change and accountability. What is certain, however, is that McGuffin has struck a chord with many concerned parents and citizens who are now eager to echo her demands for reform.

For more details on the unfolding situation and community response, stay tuned to our ongoing coverage of Augusta County.

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