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Lynchburg NAACP Confronts Disturbing Racist Flyers with Town Hall Meeting

Written by: Michael Phillips

Racially Charged Incident Shocks Community

Lynchburg, Virginia - The Lynchburg chapter of the NAACP has taken a strong stand against racial hatred and discrimination after neighbors discovered racist flyers outside their homes on Christmas Eve. The alarming content of the flyers, eerily resembling historical ads for the sale and capture of enslaved people, has prompted the NAACP to host a town hall meeting this month to address the concerns raised by the community.

NAACP Leadership Speaks Out

Brenda Farmer, the president of the Lynchburg NAACP, expressed her deep disappointment and condemnation of the flyers distributed to over a dozen community members on Cabell Street and other areas. Describing the incident as "despicable," Farmer asserted that the NAACP "will not tolerate that" kind of behavior, according to the Lynchburg News & Advance.

Diverse Community Targeted

WDBJ-7 reported that the recipients of the flyers come from diverse backgrounds, including white, Black, and Jewish individuals. The content of the flyers, replicating historical advertisements for the sale of enslaved people and rewards for their capture, has left community members disgusted and angered. Farmer, addressing the issue, emphasized that such archaic and hateful ideologies have no place in the 21st century.

A Commitment to Move Forward

"I'm not going back, I'm marching forward," declared Farmer, as reported by the News & Advance. "We have to embrace each other in love and not bigotry."

Community Meeting Scheduled for Discussion and Unity

To address the concerns of the community and foster unity, the NAACP has scheduled a town hall meeting for Thursday, Jan. 25, at 6 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Lynchburg Community Action Group building, located at 1010 Main St. This gathering aims to provide a platform for residents to share their experiences, voice concerns, and discuss ways to combat racism in Lynchburg.

Ongoing Police Investigation

The Lynchburg Police Department is actively investigating the incident, as announced on its official Facebook page on Dec. 25. While the flyers did not contain any direct threats, the police department urged residents with security footage between midnight and about 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve to save and share any relevant information.

Not an Isolated Incident

Disturbingly, this is not the first time Lynchburg has faced such incidents. According to WDBJ-7, neighbors recalled a similar incident last year when nooses were left on people's porches. Resident Deion Carter, sharing his perspective, emphasized the threatening nature of such gestures, especially when the perpetrators remain unknown.

Looking Toward a Tolerant Future

As Lynchburg grapples with the aftermath of this unsettling incident, the NAACP's town hall meeting becomes a pivotal event to address the broader issues of racism and discrimination within the community and work collectively towards a more inclusive and tolerant future.

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