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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Written by Sam Orlando and Michael Phillips

This is the FIRST of a FOUR-part story detailing the dizzying world of debauchery, secrets, heinous crimes, and the love and lust that covers it all in Augusta County…

It was a Breaking Through News exclusive that brought you news of PERJURY allegations against Augusta County Sheriff Donald Smith. Breaking Through was there in the Augusta County General District Courtroom on September 2nd when Donald Smith was called as a witness during noise ordinance trials for Black Lives Matter protestors. During his testimony, Smith testified that he HAD NOT lied to federal agents investigating his friend for human trafficking.

So many of you have asked us to follow up on this story, and specifically to report on the relationship between the Sheriff of Augusta County and his close friend, Felix Chujoy.

Chujoy has been arrested for several criminal offenses both in Virginia and in federal court. Chujoy was accused of soliciting sex from an underage boy at Gypsy Hill Park. Out of DOZENS of cases brought in the Staunton Police sting, only ONE ended in dismissal, and it was the case of Commonwealth v. Felix Chujoy. Breaking Through obtained the official court file for the case, and a quick review of the case documents raises some very alarming questions.

First, Chujoy admitted to the police that he planned to meet the person he thought was a 14-year-old boy for oral sex at Gypsy Hill Park. He admitted to talking to the boy and he admitted coming to the park to participate in a sexual encounter with the boy.

SO how did Felix Chujoy come to evade justice for trying to sexually molest a little boy?

According to Court records, the judge dismissed the case after Staunton prosecutor, and now circuit court judge Ann Reed, rested her case. The trial occurred on December 12, 2012 Judge Humes Franklin mysteriously ended the case and took the matter under advisement, WITHOUT requiring the defense to put forward their case.

ALMOST TWO MONTHS LATER, On February 1, 2013, after the public had forgotten about Chujoy’s suspended trial, Judge Franklin issued a somewhat bizarre letter that states both that defendant Chujoy is obviously guilty, but references some undefined error by the Commonwealths Attorney.

Letter dismissing Chujoy child sex case - Judge Humes Franklin

Staunton has prosecuted fifty (50) internet sex solicitation of children charges between 2010 and 2018. Of ALL 50 cases prosecuted, every single other man was convicted of child sex crimes. The Sheriff’s close friend, Felix Chujoy, walked away from justice.

A law enforcement source has confirmed to Breaking Through that Sheriff Donald Smith ARRANGED for his friend Felix to post bail after his arrest for child sex crimes. According to this confidential law enforcement source, Sheriff Smith tapped Augusta County bondsman Dave Bourne to post Chujoy’s bail.

Court records verified by Breaking Through show that bail bondsmen Dave Bourne did indeed post Chujoy’s bond through an agent, and he was released.

Chujoy Recognizance - Child sex solicitation charge

Sheriff Smith says he was simply being a good friend to Chujoy, who had just been arrested for trying to molest a little boy in the Sheriff’s jurisdiction. More importantly, Sheriff SMITH explicitly stated in response to the Chujoy allegations that he would do it all over again and support his “close friend”.

FB Statement of Sheriff Donald Smith

The Sheriff couldn’t be clearer. Although he refuses to speak with Breaking Through, Sheriff Smith has made it clear that he wouldn’t have changed anything about his support for Felix Chujoy. Now we know that support included bonding him out of jail on child sex charges, and standing with a child sex predator over the children of Augusta County.

Join us in part 2 of our story about Felix Chujoy and Donald Smith, which will premiere soon on this site. In that story, we will explore the facts around Chujoy’s human trafficking and witness tampering trials. You may be shocked to learn that Chujoy used Sheriff Smith’s phone to intimidate witnesses in his federal case. You will also get to hear powerful statements from some of Chujoy’s human trafficking victims, who will tell you about Sheriff Donald Smith’s role in their captivity under the control of Felix Chujoy.

This is an evolving story and Breaking Through will stay on it. We are determined to bring you the facts, and you won’t want to miss the evidence we will be reviewing in part 2 of our report, coming next week.

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