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Local Jail or Death Camp: Why Were 215 Bodies Discovered in Unmarked Graves at the Hinds County Jail?

Written by: Sam Orlando

Jackson, Mississippi – No one who finds themselves at Hinds County Jail likely ever envisioned such a fate, with many inmates undoubtedly counting the days until their release. But a horrifying revelation has cast a shadow over the jail: the discovery of 215 human beings, deceased and discarded in unmarked graves within its confines, all without their families' knowledge. This chilling reality, unfolding in Jackson, Mississippi, points to a deep crisis at Hinds County Jail. Civil rights leaders, shaken by this grim finding, are now calling for a full investigation into a situation that seems to unravel further with each passing day.

This unfolding mystery at Hinds County Jail reveals a grim reality that echoes tales of forgotten souls. The discovery of 215 bodies buried in unmarked graves on jail property has left the community in shock. Families, who believed their loved ones were merely missing, now face the appalling truth of their fates, along with the financial burden of exhuming and reburying them.

Virginia Criminal defense attorney Amina Matheny-Willard expressed her dismay at the discovery. While disturbed, she indicated that she was not surprised, and suggested the possibility of uncovering similar discoveries at other jails and prisons.

This sinister plot thickens as attorneys Ben Crump and Dennis Sweet question the failure of Hinds County officials to investigate these deaths or contact the next of kin. The graves, marked by mere metal rods and numbers, add a chilling chapter to this tale of neglect.

Reverend Hosea Hines, voicing his criticism, points out the sheer disregard for communication with the families, some of whom have been in the dark for over a year. Amidst this haunting scenario, the Chief of the Jackson Police Department, Joseph Wade, has reportedly introduced a new death notification policy.

But the story doesn't end here. With Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart yet to shed light on the cause of these deaths, a cloud of uncertainty and fear looms over Jackson. This tale, one that might have been penned by a master of suspense, leaves us questioning the value of life and dignity after death. As civil rights leaders demand justice, the people of Jackson await answers, hoping to close this harrowing chapter in their city’s history.

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