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Lawsuit Filed Against Middle River Regional Jail Officials for Blocking Inmate Access to Attorney

Written by: Sam Orlando

STAUNTON, VIRGINIA – A lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia has brought to light shocking allegations against officials at the Middle River Regional Jail. The plaintiff, inmate Paulo Vicente Diettenbacher, has accused jail officials of violating his federal rights, particularly hindering communication with his attorney and violating attorney-client privilege.

The lawsuit, filed under the Civil Rights Act, names several defendants, including Eric Young, Lori Nicholson, David Banquess, Lt. Marshall, Mr. Bostich, and Paul Thompson, all associated with the facility located at 350 Technology Drive, Staunton, VA.

Diettenbacher's complaint outlines two main claims. Firstly, he alleges that Lt. Marshall, and David Banquess, obstructed his communication with his attorney and the court. This hindrance, he asserts, impaired his right to a fair legal process.

The second claim is even more troubling. Diettenbacher accuses Lt. Marshall of violating his right to attorney-client privilege. He alleges that Lt. Marshall refused to allow him to seal his correspondence, leaving it open to be read by any staff member who handled it.

Furthermore, he was reportedly not allowed to include his extensive transcript notes in his correspondence to his attorney, being told they had to be "typed" despite having no access to a computer or typewriter. These actions, Diettenbacher contends, should have been subject to greater Constitutional protection under the Fifth Amendment.

In seeking redress, Diettenbacher is not only demanding monetary and punitive damages but also a preliminary and permanent injunction, along with any additional relief that the Court deems just and proper. He has also indicated a desire for a trial by jury.

The lawsuit sheds light on the grave concerns regarding the treatment of inmates and the respect for their legal rights within correctional facilities. As the case progresses, it is expected to raise serious questions about the conduct of jail officials and the safeguarding of inmates' rights within the justice system. The Middle River Regional Jail and the named defendants have yet to respond publicly to the allegations.


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