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Justice Delayed: Inventor's 20-Year Patent Battle Against USPTO Goes to Court

Written by: Sam Orlando

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - Gilbert P. Hyatt, an accomplished inventor with over 70 patents, has filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia against the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He accuses the USPTO of intentionally delaying the patent process for his application, which has been pending for more than twenty years.

Hyatt's patent application, filed in 1995, includes innovative technologies in computer memory, graphics systems, and sound processing. However, he claims that the USPTO has engaged in a campaign to prevent him from obtaining patents for his inventions, citing various administrative tactics used to delay the examination and approval process.

The lawsuit alleges that the USPTO has repeatedly suspended the examination of his application, recycled rejections, and misrepresented its intentions in federal court. Hyatt is now seeking a court judgment to grant his patent application.

This case highlights significant issues regarding the patent examination process and raises questions about the treatment of inventors by the USPTO.

Stay tuned to Breaking Through News for updates on this significant legal battle between an inventor and the US patent system.

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