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Inmate Sues Middle River Regional Jail Over Dietary Concerns

Written by: Sam Orlando

In a recent development at the Middle River Regional Jail, Grant Dewayne Kayser, an inmate identified as #23-01958, has filed a lawsuit alleging negligence in meeting his specific dietary needs. This lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, highlights ongoing concerns regarding inmate welfare and food services in correctional facilities.

Background of the Case

Kayser, in his lawsuit against Trinity Food Services at Middle River Regional Jail, claims that the jail has failed to provide him with a diet that adheres to his health requirements, specifically a low-sodium, low-carbohydrate, high-protein, and high-fiber diet as prescribed by his doctor.

Details of the Complaint

The lawsuit alleges that the jail’s food services have been consistently neglectful in following Kayser's dietary needs. This negligence, according to Kayser, has adversely affected his health. He recounts undergoing medical tests, including an echocardiogram, and describes experiencing adverse physical symptoms due to the provided meals.

Grievances and Lack of Response

Kayser asserts that despite filing grievances regarding his diet, he did not receive a satisfactory response or resolution from the jail authorities. His complaint suggests a failure by the food services to adhere to state and federal guidelines for a heart-healthy diet.

Previous Lawsuit Adds Context

This is not the first time Middle River Regional Jail has faced legal action over its food services. In 2016, the jail was sued over similar issues, highlighting a pattern of concerns regarding the adequacy and quality of food provided to inmates. This historical context raises questions about systemic issues within the jail's food service management.

Seeking Judicial Intervention

Through this lawsuit, Kayser seeks relief for what he perceives as discrimination and negligence regarding his health needs. He claims his rights have been violated due to the jail’s failure to adhere to his medically prescribed diet, and his case brings attention to the broader issue of inmate health care and dietary accommodations in correctional facilities.

Middle River Regional Jail’s Response Awaited

At the time of reporting, Middle River Regional Jail has not yet responded to the allegations made in Kayser’s lawsuit. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for how correctional facilities address the dietary and health needs of inmates.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story as we continue to monitor the situation at Middle River Regional Jail.

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