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Inmate Sues Middle River Regional Jail for $10 Million, Says Jail Deprived Him of His Heart Medicine

Written by: Sam Orlando

An inmate at the Middle River Regional Jail, Charles Edward Carr, has filed a lawsuit against the facility, alleging negligence and mistreatment which he claims amounted to a hate crime. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, seeks $10 million in damages.

According to the complaint (Case 7:23-cv-00731-JPJ-PMS), Carr, who is currently housed at Green Rock State Correctional, claims that he suffered from a biohazardous disease while in custody at Middle River Regional Jail. He states that he passed out twice due to the illness and received no isolation or adequate medical attention during the first incident.

The lawsuit further alleges that Carr was forced to sleep on the floor and that his essential heart medications were wrongfully withheld by the jail authorities. This led to a significant deterioration in his health, resulting in an extended hospitalization at Augusta Health.

Carr expresses dissatisfaction with the jail's response to his grievances, stating that his health concerns were not adequately addressed, which he believes constitutes a violation of his federal rights.

In his demand for judgment, Carr seeks a substantial compensation of $10 million, stating that the jail's actions should be considered a hate crime. He also indicates his willingness for the case to go to trial by jury if necessary.

This lawsuit raises serious questions about inmate treatment and healthcare standards at Middle River Regional Jail. The jail has not yet issued a statement regarding these allegations.

The case, which is being overseen by Judge Jones, is still pending. It highlights the ongoing concerns regarding inmate rights and the standard of care in correctional facilities.

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