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Inmate Sues Lynchburg Adult Detention Center Over Alleged Abuse and Rights Violations

Allegations of Severe Abuse

Roanoke, VA - In a legal development that has raised eyebrows, Geno A. Lo Cascio, an inmate at the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center (L.A.D.C.), has initiated a pro se lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. Cascio accuses several staff members of the L.A.D.C. of severe physical abuse, leading to lasting injury.

Incident Details and Injunctive Relief Request

Filed on January 3, 2024, the lawsuit details an incident on November 27, 2023, involving the use of OC spray and excessive physical force by detention center officers. Cascio alleges this assault resulted in permanent damage to his right eye and the destruction of his religious materials. He is seeking an emergent injunction and a temporary restraining order to preserve video surveillance footage, which he claims is pivotal to his case.

Medical Neglect and Destruction of Property

Cascio’s complaint extends to accusations of medical neglect following the alleged assault. He contends that despite repeated requests, he has not received adequate medical examination or treatment for his eye injury. The lawsuit also highlights the destruction of his personal and religious belongings during the incident, further adding to his grievances.

Pattern of Abuse and Administrative Inaction

The lawsuit suggests a pattern of abusive behavior by the accused officers and claims that previous administrative complaints and grievances about such issues have been ignored. Cascio's pursuit of legal action reflects his exhaustion of the available grievance processes within the jail system.

No Response from Jail Authorities

As of this report, the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority has not issued any comments regarding the lawsuit. Cascio's case, if substantiated, could reveal critical issues related to the treatment of inmates and adherence to constitutional rights within the L.A.D.C.

Implications for Inmate Rights and Facility Operations

This lawsuit joins a series of national discussions focused on the treatment of inmates in correctional facilities, especially concerning allegations of physical abuse and medical neglect. The outcome of Cascio’s legal battle may significantly impact detention center policies and practices, not just in Virginia but potentially in broader contexts as well.

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