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Inmate Loses Toe Tip in Detention Center’s Version of a Pedicure Gone Wrong

Written by: Sam Orlando

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA — In what might be mistaken for a twisted medical drama plot, Timothy Wayne Smith, an inmate at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center (NRADC), has filed a lawsuit that reads more like a horror story against nurse Christopher Robinson and the facility's higher-ups, including Superintendent Clay Corbin.

Eighty Pages to Say: "The Man Cut Off My Toe"

Smith’s legal complaint, meticulously detailed in a whopping 80-page narrative, claims that a casual visit to treat an ingrown toenail ended with Robinson performing an impromptu partial amputation of Smith's second right toe. According to Smith, this wasn't a case of medical misjudgment; it was more akin to a butcher forgetting which meat he was supposed to carve.

"Side Clippers" Allegedly Remove Tip of Toe"

The complaint alleges that Robinson, perhaps mistaking the medical ward for a back-alley chop shop, eschewed standard medical instruments for "side clippers" — a tool more commonly found in a handyman’s toolbox than a nurse’s station. The outcome? A toe that, as Smith sorrowfully recounts, began to resemble a scene from a low-budget surgical thriller, complete with blood, pain, and a subsequent infection.

NRADC: Nothing to See Here!

And what of the medical oversight at NRADC, you might ask? Well, according to Smith, the supervision was as absent as Robinson's medical judgment. Director of Nursing Allena Kovak and Captain Heath Custer apparently decided that investigating a toe amputation was not on their to-do list, contributing to a culture where medical mishaps are swept under the rug — presumably along with severed toe tips.

"Pay Me for My Toe!"

Smith is now seeking a cool $777,000 in compensatory damages for his physical and emotional suffering, plus a little extra for punitive damages — because, apparently, losing part of a toe warrants a monetary consolation prize. He’s also requested a side of apology and a month-long suspension for Robinson, perhaps in hopes that a brief timeout might teach the nurse a lesson in basic human anatomy.

As bizarre as this tale may sound, it underscores a serious issue within the halls of NRADC, raising the curtain on what might be systemic negligence. The case continues to unfold, likely to the bemusement of legal watchers and the horror of medical professionals everywhere. As for the rest of us? We're left wondering if NRADC's medical department might next attempt dentistry with pliers. Stay tuned — or perhaps, steer clear.

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