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Inmate Alleges Medical Neglect at Henry County Adult Detention Center Over No Hepatitis C Treatment

Written by: Sam Orlando

MARTINSVILLE, VA - A lawsuit has been filed against Henry County Adult Detention Center in Virginia by an inmate, asserting denial of medical treatment for a life-threatening condition.

Darrell Jason David Harris, an inmate currently held at the detention center, filed the lawsuit on October 12, 2023, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. In his claim, Hancis states that he has a rapidly progressing case of Hepatitis C, a disease which, if left untreated, can lead to severe liver complications, including cirrhosis, liver cancer, and even death. While Hepatitis C is curable with the right treatment, Harris alleges he has been denied the necessary medical care.

Harris claims that since his incarceration began on July 25, 2023, requests for medical treatment have been continuously denied. He further alleges that the basis for this denial is an "eigensence of trustment," a term not commonly found in medical or legal documentation and might be a typographical or transcription error.

The defendants named in the suit include (Cpt.) Kelly Redd, Henry County Sheriff Wayne Davis, and Wellpath provider Dr. Spencer.

In the lawsuit, Harris expresses a desire for medical treatment or, if necessary, a transfer to a facility where he can receive the appropriate care. Additionally, he is seeking monetary compensation for pain and suffering. If the case goes to trial, Hancis has indicated his preference for a jury trial.

As Hepatitis C is now curable with modern medicine, cases like these underscore the importance of ensuring inmates receive the necessary healthcare while incarcerated. This lawsuit could have broader implications for inmate rights and the provision of medical care within the prison system.

Henry County Adult Detention Center and its representatives have yet to release any statements concerning the lawsuit. The unfolding of this case is awaited, as it might shine a spotlight on the healthcare services provided to inmates in detention facilities across the country.


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