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"I'm Going to Blow Your Head Off": Disturbing Details Revealed in Orlando Police Lawsuit

Written by: Sam Orlando

ORLANDO, FL — A lawsuit filed in the Middle District of Florida raises alarming questions about police conduct and the use of excessive force. Taurus Bryant, the plaintiff in the case, is suing multiple defendants, including officers SUMAYANG and ROLAND and the City of Orlando, Florida, alleging violation of his constitutional rights during an arrest. The lawsuit was filed on August 24, 2023.

Allegations of Excessive Force

According to court documents, Bryant claims that Officer SUMAYANG used excessive force by tasing him after he was already on the ground and not resisting. SUMAYANG also allegedly shoved his gun in the back of Bryant's head and neck and threatened to "blow his head off," pulling the lever back on his handgun to make it easier to fire. The suit asserts that these actions demonstrate "deliberate indifference" to Bryant's rights under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Bryant is seeking damages for physical inconvenience, scarring, emotional damage, mental suffering, and other repercussions.

Failure to Intervene

The lawsuit also names another officer, ROLAND, alleging that he failed to intervene during the arrest. Instead of stopping the excessive force being used by SUMAYANG, ROLAND reportedly assisted and encouraged it. Bryant's lawyers argue that ROLAND's failure to act violated Bryant's constitutional rights and resulted in further injuries.

City of Orlando Also Named in Lawsuit

The City of Orlando is also a defendant in the lawsuit. Bryant claims that the city has implicitly or explicitly adopted careless and reckless policies that permit unlawful arrests and the use of excessive force. The complaint further notes that the city has been made aware of these issues through prior cases, including Tate v. The City of Orlando and Montanez v. The City of Orlando, but has failed to act to resolve them.

The Legal Framework

The legal claims in the lawsuit are based on Title 42 of the United States Code, Section 1983, a federal statute that allows for lawsuits against state officials who violate constitutional or federal rights. Additionally, the plaintiff alleges a state law claim of battery against Officer SUMAYANG.

The plaintiff's attorney, Carlus L. Haynes, has demanded a trial by jury and is seeking damages, including punitive damages against both officers, as well as an award of attorney's fees.

What's Next

The City of Orlando and the officers involved have yet to respond to the lawsuit. Given the serious nature of the allegations, legal experts predict that the case could set a precedent for how police excessive force is addressed in the future, not only in Orlando but across the United States.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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