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Hong Kong Socialite Found Murdered, With Body Parts Cooked Into Soup

Photo Credit: New York Post

Written by: Bonnie Chapman

Staunton, VA - Hong Kong was left in shock on February 24, 2023, when the headless body of 28-year-old model, socialite, and internet celebrity Abby Choi was discovered in Tai Po, a suburb of Hong Kong. Her remains were found inside a refrigerator, and some of her body parts were cooked into a soup.

Police have arrested a total of seven suspects in connection with Choi's murder. The suspects include her former husband, her former parents-in-law, her former brother-in-law, the alleged mistress of her former father-in-law, and two others. Investigations are ongoing, and police are still searching for the missing body parts.

According to reports, Choi's former father-in-law, Kwong Kau, a former policeman previously accused of rape, is believed to have masterminded the murder. The motive is thought to have been a money dispute involving a luxury apartment that Choi had bought before putting it under Kwong Kau's name.

Choi married Alex Kwong Kong-chi when she was 18 years old and had two children during their three-year-long marriage before it ended in divorce. She then married her current husband, Chris Tam, whose father is the founder of the restaurant chain Tamjai Yunnan Mixian.

Hong Kong authorities arrested a seventh suspect, named Irene Pun Hau-yin, in Shenzhen, China, on March 7 for abetting Alex Kwong's attempted escape from Hong Kong. Pun, a 29-year-old friend of Kwong, was charged on March 8 with aiding and abetting Kwong's escape and was granted bail of HK$50,000. However, she was given a travel ban to prevent her from leaving Hong Kong.

In addition to the gruesome nature of Choi's murder, the case has disturbing links to notorious cannibals such as Jeffrey Dahmer. The suspects in this case are accused of committing horrific acts of violence and cannibalism, much like Dahmer, who was convicted of murdering and dismembering 17 men in the United States in the 1980s and early 1990s.

There are also connections between this case and other infamous cannibals throughout history, such as Albert Fish and Boone Helm. Albert Fish, also known as the "Gray Man," was a notorious serial killer and cannibal who operated in the United States in the early 20th century. Boone Helm, also known as "The Kentucky Cannibal," was an outlaw in the American West in the mid-19th century who was infamous for his gruesome crimes.

While the details of the crimes in this case are still being investigated, the allegations of cannibalism and extreme violence have drawn comparisons to some of the most notorious and gruesome cases in history. The connections to Dahmer, Fish, and Helm serve as a reminder of the disturbing and often inexplicable nature of violent crimes.

According to Hong Kong's laws, a murder conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment. The death penalty was the sole legal punishment for murder in Hong Kong until 1993, after which judges could impose life sentences instead. Choi's mother has filed a court injunction to prevent Kwong Kau from selling the property linked to her daughter's murder and to seek a declaration that her daughter was the beneficiary owner of that apartment.

The ongoing investigation into Choi's murder has left many in Hong Kong shaken, and the gruesome details of the case have drawn attention around the world. Breaking Through News will continue to keep the public updated as more information becomes available.

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