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Have Police Violated Your Rights? Western Virginians Have New Tool to Report Violations to the Feds

Written by: Sam Orlando

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — In an effort to protect and uphold civil rights, the United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, Christopher Kavanaugh, has launched a new online portal. The website, known as the Civil Rights Enforcement page, provides a dedicated platform for individuals living in the Western District of Virginia to report instances of discrimination or civil rights infringements.

In an era where local or state law enforcement can sometimes be implicated in civil rights violations, such a tool could be instrumental in enabling victims to find justice. The online portal is a part of the Western District of Virginia's website, introduced earlier this year.

The portal aims to serve as a comprehensive resource where individuals can gain knowledge about their federal civil rights and can report instances where they feel those rights have been violated. It seeks to ease the process of reporting such instances, which often poses significant confusion and challenges for victims.

In a statement regarding the launch, U.S. Attorney Kavanaugh stated, “So often, when someone feels they have been the victim of discrimination or their civil rights have otherwise been violated, they are unsure of what to do.” He added, “Our hope is that this online portal will educate the public about their individual civil rights, how to safeguard them, and who to contact if they believe their rights have been violated in the 52 counties and 17 cities that comprise the Western District of Virginia.”

To bolster the effectiveness of the portal, two full-time Assistant U.S. Attorneys have been assigned to the civil rights team for the Western District. Additionally, a third Assistant U.S. Attorney is being hired to lead the civil enforcement unit, driving the fight for civil rights through civil litigation.

The enforcement of civil rights laws is critical in preventing discrimination, safeguarding constitutional rights, and promoting equal opportunity. By introducing the online portal, the Western District of Virginia is making a substantial effort to ensure that these rights are not only understood but respected and protected.

The portal is now live and can be accessed via the Western District of Virginia's website.

The U.S. Attorney's office encourages anyone who believes they have been a victim of a civil rights violation to utilize this new resource and report their experiences. In doing so, they hope to create a safer, more equitable environment for all residents in the Western District of Virginia.

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