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Former Hutchinson, Kansas Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Multiple Sex Crimes, Awaits Sentencing

Written by: Sam Orlando

HUTCHINSON, Kan. - A former Hutchinson police officer, Todd W. Allen, has entered a guilty plea to a total of 12 felony sex crime charges and five breach of privacy charges. The charges against Allen include indecent liberties with a minor, rape, sexual battery, attempted rape, and aggravated sexual battery. These charges stem from a series of assaults that occurred over a period of more than six years, involving nine women and one teenage girl.

The guilty plea was made in Reno County District Court on April 10, bringing to light the disturbing extent of Allen's crimes. His actions violated the trust placed in him as a police officer, as he patrolled the streets of Hutchinson for over two decades, tasked with ensuring public safety and apprehending criminals.

The last reported incident of sexual battery and kidnapping linked to Allen occurred in August 2018, prior to his resignation from the force on January 9, 2019. However, following his departure from the police department, Allen continued to commit crimes, including five breach of privacy charges, as he transitioned into a security job.

While awaiting sentencing in May, Allen has been released on a $250,000 bond, subject to strict conditions. These conditions include wearing a GPS ankle monitor, refraining from alcohol and drugs, and having no contact with the victims involved.

The charges brought against Allen expose a disturbing pattern of abuse and victimization, with the assaults taking place at various locations in Hutchinson, including Carey Park, Rice Park, and Harsha City Park. The victims, who were not consenting participants, believed Allen to be either a park security officer or a police officer, further betraying the public's trust.

The details of the charges, as documented in court records, reveal the horrific incidents that the victims endured. The offenses include aggravated sexual battery, rape, attempted rape, attempted aggravated sexual battery, and aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Additionally, Allen faced five breach of privacy charges related to his illicit activities.

Allen's apprehension on June 19, 2022, came about after a property owner in Hutchinson reported suspicious activity captured on his surveillance cameras. The footage revealed a man wearing gloves and attempting to blind the camera with a flashlight while looking over a fence at a gathering of predominantly female individuals. Police officers responding to the call stopped a male matching the description provided by the property owner, subsequently identifying him as Todd W. Allen.

The guilty plea entered by Allen brings some measure of accountability and justice to the victims who suffered from his reprehensible actions. As the sentencing hearing approaches, it is essential to ensure that the severity of the crimes committed by a former law enforcement officer is fully considered.

The community of Hutchinson stands united in supporting the victims and their journey toward healing. These disturbing revelations serve as a reminder of the imperative to maintain transparency, strengthen oversight, and foster an environment where survivors are encouraged to come forward and report abuse without fear of reprisal.

The sentencing in May will be a critical moment for the victims, their families, and the community at large. The court's decision will play a crucial role in reaffirming the commitment to justice and ensuring that those responsible for such heinous acts face the full weight of the law.

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