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Elkon Middle School in Rockingham County Evacuated Following Bomb Threat

Written by: Sam Orlando

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA – A local school in Rockingham County was evacuated this morning following a bomb threat called in by a child using a 911-only phone. The Rockingham County First Alert system rapidly issued updates as the situation unfolded, with law enforcement and emergency services responding swiftly to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

The initial alert, posted 51 minutes after the call was received, announced the evacuation of the school by the principal, with law enforcement quickly en route to the scene. Authorities also notified the state to dispatch bomb-sniffing dogs to assist in a thorough sweep of the premises.

To ensure public safety, local officials shut down Blue & Gold Drive, directing traffic away from the vicinity of the school. Students were escorted to the community center, from where they were bussed to East Rock. There, attendance was taken, and arrangements were made for them to be safely released to their parents.

The Virginia State Police contributed to the response effort by sending two bomb dogs to the school, underscoring the seriousness with which the threat was taken and the coordinated effort to secure the area.

However, the evacuation process was not without its tensions. Bobbi Sue Hogsett, a parent caught in the midst of the situation, expressed frustration over the challenges of reuniting with her child. "When you go down there to try and get your kid and they tell you you can't, and then you get in an argument with each teacher and then you get confronted by a police officer that tells you can't take your own child, what is this world coming to?" Hogsett plans to address her concerns directly with the Rockingham School Board, criticizing the decision to have students walk to the community center only to be bussed elsewhere.

The Rockingham County First Alert system and local authorities have been commended for their rapid response and the protocols put in place to protect students and staff in such threatening situations. As the community recovers from today's scare, the incident underscores the importance of preparedness and the need for clear communication between schools, law enforcement, and parents during emergencies.

Further details about the investigation into the bomb threat will be released as they become available. For now, the focus remains on the wellbeing of the students and the community's collective relief that the incident was resolved without harm.

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