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Elevator in Drury Plaza Hotel Richmond Plunged Two Floors, Causing Serious Injuries, Claims Lawsuit

HENRICO COUNTY, VIRGINIA — Picture this: You step into an elevator at a reputable hotel, tap the button for the lobby, and feel the gentle motion of descent begin. But within moments, the floor beneath you seems to disappear. Your stomach lurches into your chest as you experience the terrifying sensation of free-falling. This is the nightmare scenario that James Manning claims to have endured, leading to a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

The Incident: A Frightening Plunge

James Manning, the plaintiff, is seeking $350,000 in damages, claiming that the elevator he was in plummeted two floors before stopping abruptly. The incident allegedly occurred on August 8, 2021, at the Drury Plaza Hotel Richmond, where Manning was a registered guest.

Who's Responsible? Drury Hotels and Otis Elevator Company Named in Lawsuit

According to the complaint, both Drury Hotels and Otis Elevator Company had duties to maintain the elevator in proper working condition and warn of any defects. Manning argues that the defendants failed to fulfill these responsibilities, causing him to sustain "serious and permanent injuries," along with "great pain of body and mind."

Legal Claims: Negligence and Failure to Warn

The lawsuit asserts that Drury Hotels was either aware of the elevator's defective condition or should have been, based on "constructive notice," given that the defect was allegedly noticeable and had existed for a sufficient length of time. Similarly, Otis Elevator Company is accused of negligently maintaining the elevator and failing to warn Drury or its guests of the defect.

Broader Implications: Safety Protocols Under Scrutiny

The case brings to light an unsettling scenario that many fear but expect will never happen—being in an elevator that free-falls. With this lawsuit, questions are raised about the safety protocols and maintenance standards of not just the defendants in this case but potentially other hotels and elevator service companies.

Next Steps: Trial by Jury Demanded

A trial by jury has been demanded, and the plaintiff is represented by Horace F. Hunter of Hunter & Everage, PLLC. The defendants have yet to comment on the allegations.

For more updates on this developing story, stay tuned.

Note: This article is based on a lawsuit and the allegations contained within are yet to be proven in court. Stay tuned to Breaking Through News for news as this lawsuit proceeds in Court.

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