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Double Standards: Augusta County Sheriff's Unequal Approach to Deputy's Malicious Wounding Charge

Written by: Sam Orlando

Augusta County, VA – The recent arrest of Sgt. William Mikolay of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office on charges of felony malicious wounding and misdemeanor assault and battery has opened a Pandora's box of issues within the department. This incident, following a high-speed chase that ended in Albemarle County, contrasts sharply with other malicious wounding cases handled by the department in 2023, raising questions about consistency and fairness in law enforcement practices.

Alleged Violent Misconduct During High-Speed Chase

The incident in question unfolded on September 29, when Sgt. Mikolay engaged in a high-speed chase of a black Infinity, allegedly involved in multiple pursuits with state and local law enforcement. This chase concluded in a physical altercation with the suspect, Adam Ryan Martin, resulting in Martin's subsequent hospitalization.

Sources close to the investigation have revealed disturbing allegations against Sgt. Mikolay. The deputy is accused of 'curb stomping' Martin during the arrest, an act involving slamming a person's head against a hard surface. These allegations, if true, point to a severe misuse of force, resulting in significant injuries to Martin.

Contrasting Treatment in 2023 Malicious Wounding Cases

Our investigation into the Sheriff's Office press releases from 2023 reveals a pattern of treatment that differs markedly from Mikolay's case. Other individuals charged with malicious wounding were typically held without bond and did not receive the kind of administrative leave granted to Sgt. Mikolay. Moreover, the level of detail and narrative style in the Sheriff's press releases for these cases contrasts with the less detailed account of Mikolay's incident.

Community Reaction to Deputy’s Paid Leave

Sgt. Mikolay’s current status – released on a $5,000 unsecured bond and placed on paid administrative leave – has sparked public outcry. Critics, including Antwhon Suiter, a previous victim of alleged police misconduct in Augusta County, have expressed dismay over what they perceive as lenient treatment of an officer charged with a grave offense.

A Pattern of Concerning Behavior at Augusta County Sheriff's Office

This is not an isolated incident for the Augusta County Sheriff's Office. Earlier this year, Deputy CJ Taylor was arrested for assaulting civilians during a traffic stop in Staunton. These repeated instances of alleged abuse and misconduct have raised serious questions about the department's culture and accountability mechanisms.

The Irony of Lack of Body Cameras

Adding to the controversy, Sheriff Smith’s opposition to body cameras has been highlighted as a critical factor in this case. Despite widespread support for body cameras in the county, the absence of this tool has potentially deprived Sgt. Mikolay of crucial evidence in his defense – or, conversely, could have provided clear evidence of his alleged misconduct.

Sheriff’s Stance Amidst Calls for Federal Investigation

While Sheriff Smith’s public statements have attempted to strike a balanced approach, his private communications, as revealed to Breaking Through News, suggest a staunch support of Sgt. Mikolay. This stance, along with the recent series of incidents involving deputies from his office, has led to calls for a comprehensive federal investigation into the department.

Analysis of 2023 Cases: A Study in Disparities

Our analysis of 2023 malicious wounding cases handled by the Sheriff's Office suggests a potential bias in how internal cases are treated. Other suspects faced immediate and stringent legal consequences, while Sgt. Mikolay's treatment appears more lenient, both in terms of bond conditions and employment status. This discrepancy raises profound questions about equitable treatment under the law, particularly when law enforcement officers are involved.

Awaiting Justice in a High-Profile Case

The Augusta County community now watches closely as the case against Sgt. Mikolay unfolds. With increasing scrutiny on the Sheriff's Office's practices and the criminal justice system's ability to self-police, the outcome of this case is poised to have far-reaching implications for public trust and law enforcement accountability.

Stay Informed with Breaking Through News

Breaking Through News remains dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of this evolving story. We are committed to shedding light on the broader issues of law enforcement conduct and accountability in Augusta County.

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