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Disbanded but Under Litigation: Waynesboro Police Captain Lifts the Veil on Augusta Drug Task Force

Written by: Sam Orlando

Waynesboro, Virginia - Recent filings in a lawsuit initiated by former Waynesboro Police Department Captain, Michael W. Martin, have revealed a plethora of allegations pointing to potential misconduct and abuses of power within the Augusta County Drug Task Force, which as we previously reported, the state police notably disbanded earlier this year. You can read Martin's allegations against Waynesboro and Augusta County law enforcement here.

Deeper Dive into the Allegations:

Seizure of Methamphetamine in 2018:

Martin alleges that after a significant methamphetamine seizure in Augusta County, Sheriff Smith, in an alleged "vendetta", contacted the DEA with false information about Martin. Consequently, Martin's federal credentials and those of three other officers were rescinded. This move purportedly hampered ongoing investigations and stripped away essential resources.

Use of Confidential Informant:

In 2019, Martin claims utilization of a confidential informant led to a significant drug seizure and subsequent arrests. Contrary to Martin's understanding, the informant was later charged. He believes that Augusta County's Commonwealth Attorney Tim Martin, motivated by retaliation, orchestrated this charge. Augusta County's Commonwealth Attorney Martin has filed a motion for demurrer, or a motion to dismiss in the case.

The Sgt. Roane Situation:

Sgt. Michael Roane is a First Sgt. with the Augusta County Sheriff's Office.

A significant portion of the lawsuit touches upon Sgt. Michael Roane, who allegedly removed items from a police evidence room sans proper documentation. Such an act potentially threatens the integrity of ongoing probes and the prosecution process, and could constitute criminal acts.

Hints at Federal Criminal Acts:

The lawsuit suggests potential federal criminal acts by members of the task force. The allegations allude to possible abuses of power, indicating violations of crucial federal and state laws and regulations designed to safeguard public interest.

Major Drug Operations:

Martin's work, leveraging information from the informant, reportedly resulted in arresting two drug cartel affiliates from Mexico and seizing substantial drugs and cash. This operation unveiled a massive methamphetamine distribution network in Augusta County.

Attempts to Undermine Martin's Credibility:

There are detailed accounts of alleged attempts by CA Martin and others to discredit Plaintiff Martin, encompassing efforts to manipulate his testimony and even implications of perjury.

Allegations Concerning CA Ledbetter's Behavior:

David Ledbetter is the elected Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Waynesboro, and a Defendant in this case.

After being exonerated by a state police investigation, Martin alleges he was still subjected to retaliation, especially post filing complaints about Waynesboro's Commonweath Attorney Ledbetter. This included an additional internal probe, after he had been cleared by the State Police, which culminated in his termination.

The CA Ledbetter Fraternization Accusations:

Martin expressed reservations about CA Ledbetter's alleged inappropriate relationships and alleged fraternization between Ledbetter and some area defense attorneys. Such behavior, if true, could taint the impartiality of the judicial process.

The Task Force's Disbandment Context:

The state police's decision to disband the local drug task force earlier this year gains additional significance in light of these allegations. The lawsuit provides insights into possible state or federal crimes, internal conflicts and challenges the task force might have grappled with in the months and weeks before the State Police's decision to disband it.

Sheriff Smith Doesn't Want to Answer Any Questions or Produce Documents:

Sheriff Smith recently filed a motion to avoid discovery in this case. Discovery is a legal process in which each side can request documents and other evidence from one another, so they can see all the information that might be brought up during the trial. If Smith's motion is approved, it would mean that some potentially relevant information could be kept out of the lawsuit. This move has raised eyebrows among those who believe transparency is crucial, especially when public officials are involved.

One request the Sheriff objected too specifically was a demand that he produce all text messages, emails, and other communications between himself and Tim Martin, Augusta County's Commonwealth Attorney.

A critical look at the Sheriff's motion suggests that, while there may be legitimate reasons for wanting to avoid discovery (such as protecting sensitive information or preventing the disclosure of unrelated matters), there is also a potential that it could be used as a tactic to hide relevant information or stall the legal process.

Given the seriousness of the allegations and the potential implications for law enforcement practices and public trust, the upcoming hearing on the motions will undoubtedly draw attention. The hearing is scheduled for October 12, 2023, at 10am in the City of Waynesboro Circuit Court.

Awaiting transparency and accountability, the community's eyes are firmly set on the proceedings. Upholding our dedication to unbiased and comprehensive reporting, we'll closely track these developments.

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