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Desperate Times, Federal Measures: Seaton Sounds the Alarm on Augusta Co Corruption to FBI and DOJ

Written by: Sam Orlando

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA - Just when you thought the Augusta County Board of Supervisors couldn't get any more theatrical, Breaking Through has obtained two explosive letters that answer many questions while raising even more.

Dr. Scott Seaton, the Wayne District Supervisor, has officially turned to the federal government for help, sending letters dated August 1, 2023, to both the Department of Justice and the FBI. Yes, you read that right—he's calling in the big guns.

A Whistle Blows

Let's backtrack: Dr. Scott Seaton has been secretly recording board sessions since 2020. According to Seaton, "I began recording closed meetings allowed by Virginia Code 2.2-3712 (I) after the county administrator had announced during a closed session that he had proceeded with a contract when I didn’t recall the board giving him consent." He was publicly scolded by the Board for these recordings but now seems less like a rogue element and more like a man pushing for transparency.

Unsealing the Secret Scrolls

But these letters aren't just grievances; they contain startling revelations. In the words of Seaton, "the county through the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center, has been illegally charging fines and fees not allowed by Augusta County ordinance or Virginia code." Seaton further accuses the Board of retaliating against him for trying to expose these practices, stating, "They are spending an inordinate amount of energy and time trying to convince the public that I have shared the recorded files while trying to intimidate me."

Guarding the Truth

Seaton is safeguarding his recordings, forwarding them to the DOJ and FBI. "I am sending you a copy of all thirty-three files that are recordings of these closed sessions for their safekeeping and potential use, as you see fit for further investigation," he wrote in his letter.

The Plot Unravels, More Twists Emerge

While media outlets hit FOIA roadblocks, a partial response to a public inquiry has brought Seaton's incendiary letters to light, though not his recordings. The suspense is far from over.

The Curtain Rises on Act Two

So, what's next? Dr. Seaton's letters hint at something far more troubling within the Board. "I am concerned that if I turn these recordings over to the board without a court order, I could be obstructing potential criminal investigation," he wrote, signaling that the other Board members might be involved in darker dealings than initially thought.

Neither the DOJ nor the FBI has commented, but these letters have fanned the flames of public curiosity. Legal challenges are brewing, and Augusta County citizens are on tenterhooks, awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding story.

As Dr. Seaton risks everything by turning his evidence over for federal scrutiny, the spotlight isn't just on Augusta County; it's on the integrity of public governance itself.

Stay tuned to Breaking Through News as this developing story unfolds.

Sam Orlando is an Editor and Senior Reporter with Breaking Through News. If you have news tips you can email Sam at:

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