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Defendant in Robes: A West Virginia Judge Faces Litigation

Written by: Sam Orlando

BOONE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA – In the charming state of West Virginia, a tale of courtroom drama worthy of a daytime soap opera is unfolding. The Southern District of West Virginia, a court usually accustomed to the humdrum rhythm of federal litigation, is now host to a salacious legal skirmish involving (wait for it) denied evidence, alleged contempt threats, and family affairs.

The Divorce Hearing that Started It All

It seems that all this started in a rather ordinary place: a divorce hearing in Boone County's Family Court. There, a certain Brandi Kruk felt the sting of injustice when Judge Bobby R. Hale allegedly stifled her attempts to introduce further supporting evidence. The result? She apparently ended up owing her ex for an asset that she believed was rightfully hers. Adding salt to the wound, she claims she was threatened with contempt if she dared utter another word. If true, this isn't just an unfortunate game of "Courtroom Simon Says" – it might be a violation of her civil and constitutional rights.

Past Shadows Cast Long Doubts

Interestingly, this wasn't Mrs. Kruk's first rodeo with Judge Hale. She had previously filed a judicial complaint against him in 2018. Fast forward to 2023, and her ex files a Petition for Contempt. The hearing, curiously scheduled in lightning speed, took place even before Mrs. Kruk was served her Notice of Hearing (talk about a surprise party you didn't want to attend). Judge Hale then apparently found her in contempt, prompting her to object on the record. But rather than engage in a productive legal discourse, Judge Hale allegedly sneered at Mrs. Kruk's knowledge, asking if she had a legal phantom whispering in her ear. Ah, the old "too-smart-for-your-own-good" shtick.

A Knowledgeable Plaintiff? Perish the Thought!

What's fascinating is Judge Hale's alleged remark that "too much knowledge will get you in trouble." Clearly, he hasn't met the internet. Mrs. Kruk was also reportedly scolded for daring to know the law without having a lawyer by her side. It's as if someone's been missing out on all those legal dramas that show just how many people represent themselves in court (often to dramatic effect).

Bitter Tidings and Past Wrongs

Diving deeper, it appears this is more than just a one-off courtroom tiff. Mrs. Kruk paints a picture of systematic bias, alleging that Judge Hale has repeatedly violated her rights over the years. From neglecting medical records detailing abuse suffered by her children, to allegedly threatening her in May 2023, to consistently favoring the father in matters of income and assets without proper documentation – it's a veritable laundry list of grievances.

Conclusion: A Judicial Quagmire in Progress

For now, the narrative remains: a citizen claiming judicial misconduct at the hands of a seated judge. While the truth of these allegations remains to be seen, it's a saga that underscores the importance of justice, fairness, and a good dose of courtroom transparency.

For readers eagerly awaiting the next episode in this legal drama, popcorn is advised. Because in the Southern District of West Virginia, it seems the courtroom is the hottest theater in town.

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