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Cyclist vs. The United States: Lawsuit Filed Following Traumatic USPS Vehicle Accident in Loudoun Co

Written by: Sam Orlando

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VIRGINIA - John Findley, a Herndon, Virginia resident, has filed a lawsuit against the United States of America following a serious bicycle accident involving a United States Postal Service (USPS) vehicle. The lawsuit, lodged in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, seeks compensatory damages of over two million dollars.

On June 21, 2020, Findley was cycling northbound on Algonkian Parkway in Loudoun County, Virginia, when a USPS vehicle, operated by Ramiro F. Pomarino, allegedly ran a stop sign and collided with him. The impact of the crash threw Findley from his bike, resulting in multiple severe injuries, including lacerations to his right ear, fractured ribs, facial contusions, and injuries to his right shoulder and neck.

The complaint accuses Mr. Pomarino of negligent operation of the USPS vehicle, citing failure to pay full attention, maintain control of the vehicle, adhere to traffic laws, and take necessary actions to avoid the collision.

Findley's lawsuit is based on the Federal Tort Claims Act, which allows private parties to sue the United States in a federal court for most torts committed by persons acting on behalf of the United States. The lawsuit seeks to hold the government accountable for the alleged negligence of its employee, Mr. Pomarino.

The case highlights the ongoing concerns about road safety and the responsibilities of federal employees while operating government vehicles. The Plaintiff's legal team has requested a jury trial for all claims.

The United States Postal Service and the Department of Justice have yet to respond to the allegations. Stay tuned for updates as this significant case progresses through the federal court system.

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