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Confession Deemed 'Incoherent' and 'Provably False' in Bigsby Murder Case, Police Source Claims

Written by: Sam Orlando

HAMPTON, VA - In a shocking turn of events, the much-publicized alleged confession of Cory Jamar Bigsby, the Virginia father accused of killing his four-year-old son, Codi, has been declared "incoherent" and "provably false" by Hampton Police, according to a Police source. The source explained that the confession, obtained by a jail guard at Hampton Roads Regional Jail, was thoroughly investigated, leading to a search at a location in Maryland. According to this police source, the alleged confession was not independently verifiable or believable. This declaration further complicates a case already mired in controversy and alleged police misconduct.

Breaking Through reached out to Hampton Police press officer, Sgt. Ashley Jenrette, for comment but none was provided. Sgt. Jenrette referred our reporters to the Commonwealth Attorney's Office, which did not respond to our questions.

Bigsby, who faces charges of felony murder and unlawful transportation or concealment of a dead body, had long declared his innocence from allegations that he had harmed his son. However, Bigsby was subjected to continued detention, and his attorney claims treatment that went from abusive, to tortuous. Eventually, according to sources, a guard supervising Bigsby was able to coax a "confession" from him. However, after thorough examination, Hampton Police sources have reported that the supposed confession was unfounded and inconsistent with the facts of the case.

These same sources, who Breaking Through has chosen not to name, stated that the supposed confession was "incoherent" and could not be verified. Consequently, the investigators called off their search based on the details provided during this alleged confession.

The supposed confession had previously added a layer of complication to Bigsby's defense. Amina Matheny-Willard, Bigsby's defense attorney, had previously accused the police of torturing her client. Now, with the police's own admission that the alleged confession is "provably false," Matheny-Willard's accusations may gain more ground. Breaking Through reporters reached out to Ms. Matheny-Willard, who refused to comment on our questions about the comments from our Hampton police source.

This revelation further fuels the growing public discontent around the investigation. Previous police blunders, including their unconstitutional denial of a lawyer to Bigsby during his initial detention, have already raised doubts about the police department's handling of the case.

The validity of Bigsby's supposed confession being called into question highlights the need for a thorough and transparent investigation. It brings to the fore the question of police integrity and their ability to conduct unbiased investigations. As the case continues, the citizens of Virginia and beyond will be closely watching how law enforcement rectifies their alleged missteps in this tragic case.

The fate of Cory Jamar Bigsby is yet to be determined, and the truth behind his son's disappearance is still shrouded in mystery. It is hoped that justice will be served for Codi Bigsby, a four-year-old who is still missing, while ensuring that his father's rights are not further compromised.

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