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Cocaine Discovered Inside the White House; Investigation Underway

WASHINGTON DC - In a startling development at the White House this past Sunday, a suspected cache of cocaine was uncovered by the Uniformed Division of the U.S. Secret Service, sparking an urgent investigation. The situation led to a brief evacuation and an elevated security alert, with officials working to establish the provenance of the illicit substance.

Preliminary tests conducted by D.C. fire department's hazardous materials team suggested that the white powder was indeed cocaine, according to an 8:49 p.m. dispatch transmission. "We have a yellow bar saying cocaine hydrochloride," reported a firefighter, the transmission appearing on a public radio website The quantity of the substance was described as small.

Despite this unnerving incident, White House spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi assured that President Biden was not in the residence when the substance was discovered. The President had left for Camp David on Friday to spend the weekend with his family, including his son, Hunter Biden.

In a related development, Hunter Biden recently accepted a plea deal with a federal prosecutor, agreeing to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax crimes. A felony charge for possessing a firearm while using cocaine is to be dismissed as part of the deal.

The location within the White House where the suspected cocaine was discovered remains undisclosed. The packaging of the substance and other specific details surrounding its discovery are also being withheld pending investigation.

Guglielmi stated that further testing to confirm the nature of the substance is underway. He reiterated, "The D.C. fire department determined the substance did not present a threat." In addition, he affirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into "the cause and manner" of how the illicit substance made its way inside the nation's most secure residential complex.

While the incident raises alarming questions about security measures at the White House, it is essential to note that the federal law enforcement authorities have mobilized swiftly to investigate the matter. The incident comes amidst an increasingly complex landscape of national security, with the Secret Service already dealing with an ongoing investigation into subpoenaed classified documents from the Trump era.

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