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Class Action Lawsuit Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Drama in Utility Protection: Who's Really Checking Before You Dig?

Written by: Sam Orlando

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA - Ever seen those "call before you dig" ads? You know, the ones reminding you not to turn your yard into an unintentional construction site? Well, have you ever wondered who those unsung heroes are, ensuring your shovel doesn't become a tool of chaos?

Turns out, they're often working for private companies like Heath Consultants, Inc., and now, this industry giant is facing a class-action lawsuit that's pulling back the curtain on a side of the business many never knew existed.

The Real Guardians of Utility Lines

Heath Consultants, Inc., a family-owned business since 1933, has been a key player in the world of utility protection and damage prevention. From initially offering line clearing services to New England utilities, the company has grown into a global leader, providing everything from gas leak detection to cutting-edge technology for safeguarding underground utility lines.

But who are the real heroes in this narrative? They're the Hourly Utility Locators, the folks ensuring you don't accidentally sever a gas line while planting petunias. These unsung champions are now stepping into the spotlight, and not for the reasons you might expect.

The Legal Twist

James Barb, an Hourly Utility Locator working for Heath, has thrown a legal curveball with a class-action lawsuit that spills the beans on what's happening behind closed doors. Forget the technical jargon; let's break it down. Barb claims there's some serious funny business going on when it comes to wages – unpaid overtime, working off the clock, the whole shebang.

Picture this: while you're enjoying your lunch break, these heroes might not be getting compensated. Barb wants to set things right not just for himself but for all the Hourly Utility Locators who might be in the same boat.

The Big Questions

Now, let's zoom out for a second. This isn't just about one lawsuit against a big company. It's about asking questions that matter. Who's really checking before you dig, and are they getting a fair deal?

As the legal battle unfolds, we're not just peeking into a courtroom drama. We're starting a conversation about the treatment of those ensuring our utilities stay intact. With workers across various industries standing up for fair pay, this lawsuit against Heath Consultants, Inc. might just be the tipping point for change in the utility protection game.

So, the next time you see that "call before you dig" ad, remember there's more to the story. And the real heroes? They're not just watching out for your yard; they're fighting for their rights too.

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