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Breaking Through Smashes Through 1 Million Unique Reads Goal, Teases Plans for Virtual Reality News

Written by: Sam Orlando

In an era where the news cycle spins ever faster, and trust in media is perpetually scrutinized, Breaking Through News is thrilled to announce an exhilarating milestone. We had set a target of reaching 1 million unique story reads from June 2023 to January 1, 2024, and today, we've not just reached that goal but smashed right through it. This monumental accomplishment is a powerful testament to our readers’ trust and the relentless dedication of our committed news team.

A Testament to Reader Trust

Breaking Through News was conceived with the steadfast principle of being your source for hard-hitting local, state, and national news that matters. From investigating family separations at the border to revealing corruption within police departments, our mission has always been to shine a light on the truth. Today’s milestone affirms, in the most humbling way, that our readers value and trust what we do.

A Team of Excellence and Diversity

The men and women who make up the Breaking Through News team come from diverse backgrounds but share a common purpose: fearless, uncompromising journalism. Assistant Editor and Senior Reporter Sam Orlando, who doubles as the CEO of a tech startup, steers the editorial ship. Joining him is Michael Phillips, a reporter who put himself on the line to cover social justice protests, and Bonnie Chapman, a media veteran with a unique storytelling flair. Rounding out our team is Ismael Barrios, a bilingual journalist driven by an insatiable curiosity.

Our Gratitude to You

Our true success isn't in the numbers; it's in the relationships we’ve cultivated with readers who demand quality journalism. When you turn to us for your news, you're placing immense trust in our work. For that, we can’t thank you enough.

Our new ownership and management team is wholly committed to building upon the legacy that our founding teams established. We continue to uphold the highest standards of courage and journalistic excellence and are proud of the Breaking Through News legacy of bringing you the news that matters to you.

A Milestone, but Not the Final Chapter

As we celebrate today, we know this milestone is not an end but the beginning of an even more exciting journey. We are committed to not just maintaining but growing the trust you’ve placed in us.

The Future: Virtual Reality News

Get ready for the next evolution in local news and news that truly matters. Starting in January 2024, Breaking Through will roll out virtual reality news. Select stories will allow readers to join our reporters at the scene of breaking news, explore the environment, and witness news unfold, all through immersive virtual reality programming. To be part of this groundbreaking initiative, subscribe to Breaking Through News on NewsBreak or at for an invitation to our VR News beta program once it's available.

Thank you for making Breaking Through your trusted source for news that matters. Here’s to a million more stories that inform, challenge, and inspire.

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