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Bomb Threats Made to Virginia School Days After Launch of “After School Satan Club”

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Written by Ken McQueary

Chesapeake, VA- On Tuesday morning, B.M. Williams Primary School was placed under a level one lockdown, meaning there could be a potential threat nearby. Several individuals, including the schools superintendent, a school board member and an organizer of the new “Satan Club” all received an email stating “You are evil, there is no other way to put it. You promote devil worship and unislamic values.” Chesapeake police and Virginia state police are investigating the validity of the threat and the school will remain on lockdown until law enforcement officials give the all-clear.

The After School Satan Club stems from a religious organization called The Satanic Temple. The launching of this club in schools is to “provide a safe and inclusive alternative” to other religious groups opening in the school, like the Evangelical Good News Club. TST believes that these Christian-based groups may seek to “convert school children to their belief system.”

It has not been confirmed if the threat is related to the new After School Satan Club that held its first meeting just days before the threat was made. The meeting was held on Thursday morning after many months of disagreements of the club’s use of school facilities. They were charged certain fees due to safety concerns made by angered community members, but then were refunded by the school. Once all of this stopped, the club finally opened and started holding meetings after school.

*This is a developing story*

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