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Bedford County School Board Member Faces Assault Charges

Written by: Sam Orlando

Bedford County, VA - Bedford County School Board member Matthew Holbrook is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon to face assault charges stemming from an incident in February. Holbrook admitted to punching a former tenant during the eviction process, an action he says he has no regrets about and would do again if necessary. According to Holbrook, he was in the process of legally evicting the tenant with the help of the sheriff's office when he discovered thousands of dollars worth of appliances and equipment missing. Upon finding the missing property, Holbrook assaulted the tenant and was subsequently arrested.

"Monday [February 6] was the day that the sheriff's office and I were going to remove him legally," Holbrook said. "I noticed that there was some other property missing. And the deputy had went and found the property as I went to retrieve it. I noticed that it was our property, and I assaulted the man and, of course, I was arrested then."

Holbrook expressed his frustration with the legal eviction process and reiterated that he had no regrets about his actions. "Like I said, I'd had enough," Holbrook said. "And you know, I'd do the same thing if had to do it over again. If I'd have seen him stealing your property, I'd have done the same thing."

Holbrook is due in Bedford County General District Court on Monday for an attorney advisement at 1:30 p.m.

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