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Augusta Deputy Faces 5 to 20Years in Prison for Felony Charge, Sheriff Vows to Stand by His Man

Written by: Sam Orlando

High-Speed Chase Leads to Deputy’s Arrest on Felony Charges

Augusta County, VA – Breaking Through News has uncovered disturbing details about the recent arrest of Sgt. William Mikolay of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office. The charges against him, which include felony malicious wounding and misdemeanor assault and battery, stem from a high-speed chase that began in Augusta County and ended dramatically in Albemarle County. These revelations have cast a dark cloud over the department and raised serious questions about law enforcement conduct.

Alleged Violent Misconduct During Arrest

According to the Sheriff's press release, the pursuit on September 29 started when Sgt. Mikolay noticed a black Infinity, allegedly connected to multiple pursuits with the Virginia State Police and other law enforcement agencies. The chase, which led into Albemarle County, culminated in a physical altercation with the suspect, Adam Ryan Martin, resulting in Martin's hospitalization for injuries sustained during the arrest.

Law enforcement sources have informed Breaking Through News of particularly egregious details about Sgt. Mikolay's conduct during the arrest. He is accused of 'curb stomping' Martin, a term that refers to a brutal stomping act where a person's head is slammed against a hard surface, in this case, a curb. This alleged action by Sgt. Mikolay reportedly caused serious, debilitating injuries to Martin.

Public Outcry Over Paid Leave for Charged Deputy

As the legal proceedings against him unfold, Sgt. Mikolay has been released on a $5,000 unsecured bond and is on paid administrative leave, according to the Sheriff's release. The decision to place an officer charged with such a heinous act on what essentially amounts to a paid vacation has struck a nerve with the community and advocates for police accountability, says Antwhon Suiter, another victim of Augusta County Police misconduct.

A Pattern of Misconduct in Augusta County Sheriff’s Office

This incident is not the first troubling case this year involving the Augusta County Sheriff's Office. Earlier, Deputy CJ Taylor was arrested for assaulting civilians, including Suiter, during a traffic stop in Staunton. These repeated instances of alleged abuse of power by deputies from the same department are alarming.

"While Sgt. Mikolay is entitled to due process, the severity of the charges and the nature of the alleged crime raise profound concerns," says Suiter. "The idea of a law enforcement officer, accused of such a violent act, receiving a taxpayer-funded leave, is a bitter irony for those who expect the police to uphold the law, not break it."

Community Awaits Justice in High-Profile Case

As the community reels from this revelation, the spotlight is now on the Augusta County Sheriff's Office. "How Sheriff Smith responds to this situation will be critical in determining the public's trust in his office," says Suiter. He says the outcome of Sgt. Mikolay's case will be closely watched as a test of the criminal justice system's ability to hold its own accountable.

Ultimate Irony? The Sheriff's Opposition to Body Cams Deprives Deputy of Evidence

Sheriff Smith finally went on the record this year stating that he did not want funding for body cameras, despite the fact that their use is endorsed by up to 90% of the County, according to a survey conducted by the Augusta County Board of Supervisors. The ultimate irony of this story, of course, is that if his deputy is innocent, the cameras he didn't want could have saved his deputy.

Of course, if Sgt. Mikolay did commit this heinous crime, then the department's opposition toward transparency and body cameras makes a bit more sense, according to Suiter.

Sheriff Smith to Stand by His Man

While Sheriff Smith seemed to take a balanced approach in his media release, in an email to deputies that was shown to Breaking Through News by a law enforcement source, Smith vows to "stand by" Mikolay "110%."

With a deputy charged in Staunton and another now charged with a violent felony in Albemarle County, Suiter says the time has come for a full federal investigation into the Sheriff and his department.

Breaking Through News reached out to Martin, the victim in this case, but was unable to reach him. Stay connected to Breaking Through as we bring you updates to these shocking police violence cases from Augusta County.

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